Dealing with Wind Step - Blade Lord Heroic

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the damage from this ability is pretty crazy. On 10 man, what do you guys suggest.
Currently our group has 2 paladins with clemency to HoP those with the Debuff but we're running into issues when they have forbearance. Any suggestions.

Raid Comp:

Prot Pally
Blood Dk

Disc Priest
Holy Paladin

Ele shaman
Fire Mage
Fury WArrior
Combat Rogue
Affliction Lock
Balance Druid
What class is your 3rd healer?
You shouldn't need to three heal this fight, depending on makeup. Logs please?


I'm an idiot and didn't notice heroic in the thread title.
if you're 3 healing that's just on your healers. as long as you are not getting more than one wind step for each one... they shouldn't have an issue.

we found it better to use hand of purity (30 sec cd). It can be very powerful and has a short cd. Can definitely keep up someone in the blade tempest and does not disrupt hunter dps if they get targeted. And as you noted, forbearance is an issue with hop.

additionally, you can iceblock, divine shield them off so... definitely do those things.
our main issue is when the person with wind step has forbearance and we need to stack for unseen strike. Keeping that person out of the group seems like an unlikely solution.
Then save BoP for stacking
Right, with two of those hand of purities, you should have no problem even if they stack up. one paladin always uses it on unseen. Never will have an issue of forbearance. The other paladin uses it on the blade tempest.. In fact, because the cd is so short, you can actually use it more often than just in these scenarios.

HoP as a last resort for those situations if you just can't manage it at all. You still will have 2, instead of the usual 4 (and won't run into a forbearance issue)
Just got our first kill on this tonight with what I consider a pretty lousy raid comp. No immunities, no real defensive abilities to negate it for any period of time. It was pretty tough. I took it upon myself to heal the DoT. I got assistance from other healers too when they could. Your first step is to get a 3rd healer honestly. We also chose not to have our DoT target stack for Unseen Strike. If the DoT target got picked for unseen strike we would use pain suppression or life cocoon as they stacked up. It's a pretty nasty fight if you don't bring useful classes.
The best solution that we found is to heal through wind steps that don't coincide with Unseen Strike and and to use our 4 BoPs on the person with wind step during the last 4 Unseen Strikes of the phase (as each successive strike hits harder due to his stacking buff). It worked well enough for us, and as long as you don't ever get double wind step it should be fine.
You have a Disc priest. Shell every Unseen Strike and get the person/people with Wind Step to stand out or just give them a PW:S, or Purity them, like someone suggested.

Don't rely on BoPs all the time, only if you really cannot manage the damage, and it's definitely manageable.
ok. thanks for all your suggestions guys
hand of purity > hand of protection for wind steps during unseen strike imo, plus it's a shorter cd!
Great questions here Musicxd.

Your comp couldn't be much better for this fight. Your BoP's should be saved only for the debuff that gets placed right before an unseen strike. And it should only be placed on those who don't have a personal CD to mitigate it.

You may get unlucky and get people back to back that can't get HoP'd again, but you'll just need extra healing on that person.

You can have your pallies run Purity but we do it just fine with 4 Protections. The other reason I can tell you that your having trouble, is your 2 healing this fight as progression. I would get a resto druid in there as a 3rd heal, it will alleviate alot of that damage and really give you an easier time in phase 2.
You only need to Purity during a Blade Tempest or before Unseen Strike. I'm pretty sure one paladin can handle both. I don't think I had a problem with Purity being on cooldown whenever either of those mechanics happened.

Something you can do is have one paladin spec into Purity and one into Clemency. Or both into Purity. I guess you could do it with both into Clemency but I wouldn't recommend that.
To each their own I guess. Although I can't see how you found Purity more advantageous, seeing as how Wind Step lasts 30 seconds and Purity lasts 6 with a 30 sec CD.
12/04/2012 08:57 AMPosted by Savior
To each their own I guess. Although I can't see how you found Purity more advantageous, seeing as how Wind Step lasts 30 seconds and Purity lasts 6 with a 30 sec CD.

of course each group is going to find it useful differently. clemency is going to essentially give you one extra hop per paladin in this fight right since the first phase is only going to last about 5 minutes, maybe 6 top.

So you are basically choosing between 1 HoP (lasts 10 seconds, your hunters will cry) which negates 4 ticks at max or you can get 10-12 hand of purities (from one paladin), each of which negates 70% of 2 ticks each time.

His point being that you won't have a HoP necessarily every time for the bad moments (tempest or unseen) even with clemency (considering forbearance as well), but you will always have a hand of purity because of its short cooldown that you indicated. and in the worst case scenario you still have one spare HoP even if you spec purity that you can use any time, just not that extra one.
Like I said its also based off of composition in your raid. I'll list our comp then describe our tactics for Wind Step


Blood DK
Prot Pal


Holy Pal
Resto Druid
Resto Sham


Shadow Priest
Ele Sham

Our Hand of Protections are only used on the Wind Step that takes place directly before the next Unseen Strike, however there are limitations to when its used. For example:

Mage (Ice Blocks)
Hunter (Deterrence)
Shadow Priest (Dispersion)
Ele Sham (No idea what their CD is :P)

When any other Wind Step is placed before an Unseen Strike and one of those persons CD's are not available, we HoP them.

We don't just HoP at will and run out, since we 3 heal this fight no HoP is used outside of preceding an Unseen Strike making the most effective use of them.

The Wind Steps before a Blade Tempest are either personal CD's or Hand of Sac'd.

But as you said it, this was just the most comfortable setup for us with our composition. Every raid comp might provide the need for different alternatives.

And Hunter's Crying about HoP?.../cancelaura Hand of Protection (helps...) And HoP doesn't negate the damage for 10 seconds...It removes Wind Step.

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