Opponent's new heroic team

7/16H 16/16N is recruiting for our new hardcore raid team. M,T,W,Th,S 7:30-11:30pm est. LF1 tank with a Dps O/s, 1 Ranged Dps(boomkin,spriest,esham) and 1 Healer if interested pm my self, avelade, Qlawk or apply on on the guild web site at opponent-guild.com
Bump, still looking for exceptional players!!!
Bump, still looking for exceptional players!!!
wtb boomkin and a tank
Still looking for an Ele / Resto Shaman with fully geared OS and a Boomkin for this team!
4/6h msv week1, still lookin for swing healer(sham, monk) or rdps (boomkin, spriest)
wtb 1 swing healer (pal,sham,monk) 1 dps (boomkin,spriest,rogue,dk)
still looking for one dps (boomkin, spriest, mage) and either a prot warrior or blood dk.

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