Update Dungeon Journal please!

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I want all the old information and lore for all the old bosses Blizzard, please make it happen already!!! That is all!
I second this, tho it may not be the most important thing on their minds if would be interesting to read some of the things from past lore that wowwiki and other fan sites dont fully address
Well, they put in Vanilla boss lore with Mists.

I'd imagine they'll update it some more in a new patch, or at least in the new expac.
Yes please! Update it now, I LOVE the fact that when you do vanilla dungeons, you read all this information about all the bosses and what they are about, it's like, getting essential parts of the story while experiencing the game, and I ABSOLUTELY love it, it's something that's VERY popular on RP servers.
I agree. I love learning the reason why we are are killing these guys other than for loot.
Saw this awhile ago, seems like they might for 5.2. We'll have to wait and see.

I am curious about raid boss lore. More information on, say, C'thun would be useful in continuing discussion about the Titan/Old God storyline.
5.2 has launched and no update yet.
They actually updated all the 5mas from BC and Wrath with their abilitiess and stuff, that's probably what the twitter post meant.

needs more lore
Make it so we can see raids from classic to wrath.

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