What other PC games have a stealth class?

Sneaking around while stealthed is the main reason that I chose to play a rogue. I'm wondering what other PC games have a class that allows invisibility. I'm particularly interested in games that are not click to move.
If you're looking for something recent, Dishonored comes to mind. Supposed to be quite good. Guild Wars 2 has a thief class. Haven't played said class myself yet, but I enjoy the game as a whole. Dunno, other stuff probably.
Eve online has stealth space ships. Actually, technically everything can cloak, but recons and covops do it best.
theres a series of games called thief, pretty dope but pretty old.

I think all MMOs these days have a stealth class of some kind. UO, EQ, EQ2, Vanguard, Rift, Tera.

Nothing has been as fun as playing my rogue in Everquest. sooo many stealth things to do. Quests that REQUIRE stealth instead of killing. Poisoncrafting based on rare ingredients from deep dungeons. Stealing from people in towns to create awesome weapons. Rare lockpicks that actually gave you access to special areas.

Wondering why do I still play my wow rogue...
Guild Wars theif can cloak but not like a rogue. There's a short CD that cloaks you for 4 seconds and heals you and you can get a solid crit on your attack coming out of stealth.

It's cool but GW2 is too simple. Same 5 skills depending on your weapons and 5 other utility skills. Couldn't get used to it considering all the spells/abilities WoW offers.
GW2 has the theif class.. I don't play it but from what I can understand they have stealth but it only lasts for so long... But their burst is amazing... Like how it should be for us on this game....

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