The dreaded Zin'Rokh grind...*sigh*

I'd like to start by saying I am currently undertaking this epic journey, in hopes of being one of the lucky owners of the beautiful,, the illustrious, the highly coveted Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds. I'd love to hear anything helpful people can share, other than the fact that we all know; pure RNG. What is the verified drop %? Has it changed over time? I read a lot about how people back in 2010 were having trouble, even 2011, but recently not much has beeen said about this little unicorn of an item, so I figured I'd start something.

So, for those that have solved it, and for others still looking, feel free to share stories, and even better, helpful hints/thoughts!

Good luck to you all in your journey!!!
Like most rare artifacts, I got it incidentally while getting my professor title. And I tend to focus on troll sites because I love their lore and architecture, and I'm considering "trollish archaeologist" as a possible RP profession.

Of course I can't really use swords....
Seventh rare I discovered. Didn't seem very difficult. Unlike that elusive canopic jar holding my recipe...
I've leveled 6 or so charcters to skill level 525 hoping one would get it on the way with no luck. Outside of the xmog reasons I see no reason to keep trying for it. I think that is why you haven't seen much about it lately. Folks are in Pandaria so no one is digging up troll artifacts that often.
Hmm... The 3 people I know that explicitly tried to farm for it never got it. One, that I know of, no longer plays WoW. (His increasing frustration after each solve... Was disturbing...)

On the other hand one person I know that did get it, picked it up completely by accident.

Good luck in any event!
I don't know if it is the most efficient, but remember when you solve panda/mogu artifacts you can restore them and redeem them for troll artifacts. Since panda/mogu solve so quickly and how close together they usually are, you wont have to worry about solving all those old world sites just so you can find that ONE troll site.
I've never even touched archaeology. You jelly?
No. I like archaeology.
Ok so I'm leveling arch on this guy too (this is sonofaliche; the OP), and i'm currently up to 392/450...I have a rare to solve via troll (the war drums), and heard that if you wait until after 450 to solve a rare or even just solve a rare in general you're liable to get better luck with additional rares for a short period after.....

Ok, so here's my question; I know this sounds ridiculous...believe me, I know. However, I'll take whatever insight I can into this; have people found this to be true? Should I hold on to my troll solve until after 450? I only have about 113/200 frags and only 1 tablet so its not like i will fill up my troll fragment queue any time soon (I have 1 troll, 2 fossil, and a dwarf digsite at the current moment to dig; staying in EK).

Again, it's silly, I know, but would be cool for help, and I'll post if I get it!!
Just hit 450 last night, kept all my troll frags (192), was at 446/525, solved a rare i had held over with my troll queue, and all my troll artifacts, and nada. First sight for NE pops, I decide what could it hurt? So I solve one stinkin' artifact, and BOOM! Bones of Transformation (the naga xform) pops. grrrrr...I yell and the dogs look scared...whoops...anyway, I calm down, decide to say eff that, solve all my others (about 152/200 dwarf and 100+/200 fossil) and BOOM! hearth stone rare (the most WORTHLESS item in the game as it shares a cooldown with our hearthstone...really? really BLIZZARD?? CMON!!)...within 3 solves...UNGH I think those would've been my zin I just knew it...

However, I've read a lot of people getting it on your 7th rare (which is what it would be should it pop next), and I have both troll rares other than that, and it WOULD BE my 3rd rare after 450....ok I'm grasping at straws here but LET A MAN DREAM A SIMPLE DREAM!!!

Unfortunetly the gf is home for the next two weeks (she goes away to recruit for a college sports team as she's a coach), sooooo not much playing for me...although I AM sleeping at my parents house tonight so I'll be on for a few hours tonight (working 7:45am - 10:30pm for the OT)...

More to come.
back before there was a cap to fragments, I leveled 2 toons from 80-85 solely on archaeology, each of them peaking at 2,000 troll fragments. One of the toons was a hunter so I was lucky enough to be elligible for the secret-zin-rokh-zul-gurub-method. You stand where Hakkar used to be in un-instanced Zul'gurub, take out an orange striped tiger and abandon it as a sacrifice, then turn in all your fragments.

No zin'rokh.
TLDR - dont get your hopes up. 1% chance to drop seems generous compared to the hundreds of hours I've poured into trying to get this sword at the start of Cata

edit: this was also before several buffs to 'survey' - used to be like an 8 second cooldown and take 3-4 seconds to cast. You also only got 3 digs total per site and each one only gave a couple fragments
It has to be much less then 1%, I leveled this guy normally then started in on arch, after farming about 2k fragments and getting noting I decided to level both my war and shaman purely threw arch only in EK and then only threw fossil solves (since I got all the rares pre-fragment cap and new rare addition).

Between the both of them I probably farmed another 4500 fragments (Not including keystones), and after making it threw about 1700 give or take on the war AFTER using all the shamans I was able to get it to show up.

So the lesson to the story is..... Zin'Rokh was dubbed the destroyer of lives for a good reason, your best bet is to set your hearth in Booty Bay or SW, and then when you get a spawn up in the plague lands use death gate. It will cut massive time over the course of weeks to months you will spend trying to get this thing, and beg and plead/ promise "favors" to guild members for troll keystone.

P.S. There use to be a bug where once you completed Zin'Rokh you would sometimes get a grey troll item instead. Make sure for the love of everything unholy you take screen shots when you do get it at multiple points in the solve and right before you craft it to prove you did have it if this happens.
Per speculation, it is about a .05% chance to proc; again, only speculation. I've read almost all 840 comments on wowheat (around 720 or so atm) and found many solved around 100-500 solves, with the bulk around 100-350. I've also read of the outliers that get it on their 50th, 73rd, etc. solve, and the ones that didn't get it until their 725th solve. This is RNG in its truest form, and I agree whole-heartedely that, after a certain # of solves, % to solve for this should be increased. I'm not saying atfer 200 solves, but perhaps itwould be inversely proportional to the # of solves, like a .05% increase every 50 solves or something after, say, 500 Troll solves.

While I am not suggesting these exact numbers, the base function remains the same; some kind of variable that increases your chances to solve for Zinny. With most other Blizzard-related drops, it would seem that RNG isn't so much of a beast. And, now that the ilvl cap has raised and ilvl 359 isn't so much of a big deal, this seems to be more of a coveted prize/xmog. Yes you can xfer to diff chars, however unless you stop leveling at 85 and don't run through MOP, this item really becomes replaceable rather quickly.

It's also upsetting to know Blizzard has never committed to a % chance of a droprate, at least that I have found in all my research. It seems that almost EVERY item has a drop rate as verified by such sites as wowhead, mmochampion, etc., so why not this?

Honestly, still haven't gotten it, probably at this pt 100+ solves troll-wise after 450, Zen-Master Arch...I shouldn't complain, I realize I'm at the LOW end of the solved-not-found-Zinny spectrum and therefore am not pulling my hair out, however if I were a person at 800+ solves and STILL NO ZIN'ROKH PROC, I feel that I, too, would start to feel as if I had been working hard for nothing and I'm sure frustration may start to settle just hurts. Wouldn't say I would stop, but, it'd be nice if they'd modify it so that those who've worked so hard would have something to at least keep that light at the end of the tunnel shining, instead of the darkness of improbability.

Edit: Edit for grammar and another thought; why not make this a decent drop rate for a quest item, say, a sword in a stone, which requires 1500 troll fragments? To overwrite the 200 fragment cap, it could go in stages: 200 frags a stage you get to solve for, each gives you a concurrent item so the next item would be guaranteed that next phase of 200 frags, all the way up to the last stage of 100 fragments. Each stage could have 1-3 Troll Tablet spaces. Just a thought, but I think this would be a good way to solve a long-known annoyance and outcry by archeologists everywhere. The only problem I see is why would Blizzard honestly waste their time on an older item when they already have so much on their plate? To be fair this probably isn't even a blip on their radar. For this same reason I don't ever expect them to touch the subject nor address it, nevermind respond to me. Would be really cool though lol. Would also give them an opportunity to answer questions about Zinny once and for all, though..just sayin.
Still farming this sword. I think it's playing a game with me. 200+ (at work so can't recall the exact #, 223 maybe last time I checked?) solves and counting.
this in ek forever now, arch until my eyes hurt, eat, sleep, repeat.....still nothing. solved everything in ek except that sword ages ago......whoever had the idea for this things drop rate is a sadist........not sure how much longer im willing to do this but that sword would just look too perfect with the transmog set im going for D':
Although this is about Zin'rokh, I recently completed the archaeology achievements for Pandaria (getting all pristines). The RNG factor was horrendous. Took me 855 total solves in Pandaria. Extremely frustrating to see the item you need a pristine for fail to give a pristine solve after solve after solve.

I've become very critical of how Blizzard has made archaeology. The hours upon hours that people can pour into it with absolutely fruitless results is borderline sadistic. Most people who start probably don't realize how insane the RNG results can be, and by the time they start realizing, they've spent so much time that they're loathe to just give up and call it all a waste. It's a vicious cycle.

I know that some people would hate the idea of this stuff becoming easier to obtain after all the work they put into it. I know I would feel that if the archaeology stuff I did in Pandaria was made easier, at least a little bit. At the same time, I think this really is a BADLY done profession in the game, and the RNG needs some serious caps. Plus, we all know there are also those outliers of people who got this stuff easy (so it's not like they become a symbol of work all the time, sometimes these things are just symbols of luck).

Blizzard really ought to put in a consumable item to guarantee a rare for a race you use it on. They could make the item purchasable for 50 boxes. Or maybe 100 boxes. That stuff takes a LONG time to gather. Just... something.
I believe some rares only become available after a certain skill level. For Zin'Rokh i believe its something like 430?
Yeah, I'm still solving Tol'vir to get the ever elusive Crawling Hand project. Got the mount, got the alchy recipe and made my mount years ago, ok don't got no Troll rares but everything else, except that damn pet!!

This is Archaeology - no matter how they buffed the digsites and easier ways to obtain old world fragments, you still run smack up against the RNG. And the one thing you want is the hardest thing to find, always. And now another new faction to dig up.

Keep on digging on.

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