Why Spirit of Harmony on BS Epic?

Like the title says, curious why a profession like Tailoring can use their own cooldowns (though they are BOP) to make Epic lvl gear, while Blacksmithing have to rely on another profession (Alchemy) to use a daily cooldown and then grind Spirits of Harmony.

I dont even play my 2 Tailor toons, but i have over 30 Imperial Cloths on each just for doing cooldowns. Once I level them and get rep, they will have epic chest/gloves on the start.

But I have to play my BS to get the same rep, then grind the Spirits of Harmony, and then go mine or search the AH for Living Steel.
One major reason: It's an MMO. It's designed so that characters interact with each other. You have 10 other character slots to make an alchemist if you really need one. However, alchemy is not a great moneymaker as our big profitmaker is our daily cooldown. It's a very nice money saver though. Double duration flasks and procs to potions and flasks help a lot when raiding.

You'd be much better off making an alchemist/blacksmith than a miner/bs if you're worried about living steel. I buy ghost iron and transumute it. It's cheaper to make living steel that way since I get procs on both types of bars.

I also buy the herbs I use. Farming is really only for leveling because time is money friend.
Oh.. and I just logged in moments after posting this...and got a x5 proc on my living steel cooldown. 8D
You missed the point. Tailoring needs no *interaction* nor do they need Spirits of Harmony.

I have 2 alchemists, and i've gotten 12 living steel in the past 2 days. But the fact I have to grind those Spirits to make anything worth while, and a Tailor doesn't have too...
Different styles of gathering mats for different profs. Its to add a little variety to the game. If we all had to go to a certain place on the map to make our profs once per day mat it would be boring. So blizzard mixed it up a bit. Also smiths have the easiest way to get their epic patterns. Honored with klaxxi is cake. Tailors have to grind honored with golden lotus.
a tailor can only make 1 cloth a day which is what 6 days per item? unless they want to use spirits to speed it up in which case its 3 spirits per cloth or 18 spirits per item.

You cant really look at things in such a narrow view.
How is it a narrow view? Yes, tailors have 1 per day cooldown unless they use their own Spirits. But a BS has to rely on everyone else's 1 per day cooldown AND farm 8 Spirits.

Although I do agree the GL rep is harder to gain...
Yes, a tailor can waste their time farming cloth, but essentially every profession gets all of their materials from the AH. Can a BS mine and smelt their own ore? No, they need a miner. Can an enchanter create their own enchanting mats? No, they need another crafter.

If you look at the grand scheme of things, all of the professions balance out, while having their own benefits and draw backs. Blizzard has been nice enough to allow you to change your professions though should find tailoring more "fair" to your play style.
Different professions are different.

Tailors provide their own daily cooldown, and it's required for pretty much any profitable goods. Blacksmiths can buy living steel and make belt buckles all day long. Guess which one will sell better as more and more players start getting LFR gear.

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