Possible secret Santa?

Wyrmrest Accord
12/03/2012 03:12 PMPosted by Madican
Alternatively a collective Secret Santa. People send in already-wrapped gifts to a central "Santa" and they in turn have a list of the people participating to send those gifts out randomly

The only reason I would be leery of this is because it would put a weight on me to decide who gets what, or to make up a random system, whereas if we have a list where people know who they are buying for they can check the person's armory to see what they already have in some areas/shop around for that person if they happen to know them or about them/etc.

Plus, ICly it would be more fun to have say, a stalwart Tauren Paladin get a Forsaken Warlock for gift giving and then have to search around for people to quiz about what a Forsaken Warlock would even like. Test Tubes? Oh, wait, not a alchemist... etc. More RP opportunities that way.
Well I think it would be kind of fun to have an ic reason to go up to a perfect stranger all awkwardly and.. here have a present *shoves badly wrapped box at*. But yes, there is a risk that people might not go through with it. I'm not sure how you would keep tabs on that.
Yeah, I decided to put in the provision that you can send them a note for more RP opportunities, just because otherwise it's AMG, TOO HARD TO MANAGE.


^Official post. Any suggestions would be welcome there!

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