[Horde] Guild Merger Opportunity

Earthen Ring
Are you a small Horde Guild of friendly people?

Do you have members who want to raid, but are having a hard time putting a team together?

So are we!

Perhaps a guild merger would be just the thing we need to continue growing for success.

About Our Guild:

The Disturbed - Melting Faces Since 2009

Guild Information
Founded by: Jason and Modem, hosts of the WoWphiles podcast.

Wondering if we are cool people or not? Look up our show on iTunes and give it a listen. That's a great way to see if you like the guild leaders.

We're a friendly group looking for more like minded folks to hang out and kill stuff with. Our ages range from 21-40+ ( a lot of our members have kids and busy lives but enjoy the friendships in our guild).

We are primarily an adult guild, and as such guild chat is not filtered or censored.

If you'd like to talk about a possible guild merger you can fill out our guild application form and let me know, or look me up in game and we can talk.


Looking forward to talking to you!

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