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Moon Guard
The Hidden Legion is a specialized army of the Alliance, unknown until now. They have traveled the lands, destroying all enemies of their faction, especially their greatest foes, the Horde and scourge, using tactics different than the normal soldier. The Legion fights head on, destroying their enemies in service to the King, Varian. They let none stand before them, for they are superior.

And now, you could be too... High-Commander Alerrin Laeric searches for all men and women up to the task of defending their people - the Alliance and her King. So step forward and be one of the few brave enough to take on this task.

For the Alliance!
I recommend visiting the website forums. They're much more in-depth and informative, and I'd appreciate you visiting them, if for no other reason than curiosity.

We are open to allies in-game. We can talk about fair terms ICly if you just get to me when we're on, and we can have a meeting.

About the Hidden Legion:
The Hidden Legion is a heavy RP guild. Though we mainly do RP, we welcome all members to enjoy all aspects of the game, be it PvP, PvE, RP.

Guild Name: The Hidden Legion
Level & Faction: 16 Alliance
Guild Master: Alerrin
Current Officers: Galiance, Clannar, Robson, Zetiaa.
RP: Heavy
PvP: Casual
PvE: Casual
Website: thehidden.shivtr.com

We are a mostly military guild, but this is not required. We accept healers, medics, and auxiliary, who basically offer extra help to us (i.e. an enchanted, or a sell-sword. Someone who would offer their work for extra pay). Alts are accepted to, if you wish to bring them over to the guild.

We do a lot of gear runs or dungeons for lower level characters, which anyone is allowed to join in or ask for.

Available races: All

Available Classes: All

Alignment: Good - Loyal to the Alliance

We will have many events of different types. (More will be added, and we will do some that are not here.)

-Social RP in our base (These may be D&D or simple /roll /emote RP events. It varies.)
OOC (Possibly IC) For Fun Events:
-Pet Battle Tournaments
-Duel tournaments (/roll tournaments)
-Mount races (Obstacles throughout and such)
-There are more, though these are the main events-

Uniform: We have uniforms for those who need them, though they are not always required. They are given upon request after interviewed.

Payment - Members are paid according to their effort and attendance at an event such as an expedition or battle. They are paid differently depending on their contribution and how long the event was. (Paid ICly and OOCly)

Our main base of operations is Wildhammer Keep, in the Hinterlands.

We do accept those who aren't soldiers, medics, tacticians, etc., such as enchanters or those who would benefit us without directly being on the front. Just talk to a recruiter or an officer about it, stating what you do and how it would benefit us.


This is a list of all the current ranks from highest to lowest, and their descriptions.

High-Commander: He is the leader of the Legion. He brings most 'missions' to attention, and tells officers and enlisted about them. He recruits and fights at the front of most every battle.

General: These are the veterans of the Legion who are trusted by the High-Commander. They too help recruit and plan with the other officers. They lead different missions such as raids or expeditions.

Captain: The third in command. They excel in what they do, and are veterans to legion. They will help with battle plans, as well as with recruiting and leading different missions.

Lieutenant: Officers in the Legion. They mostly make up the right hand's for the higher rank officers. They will recruit and lead different sections, as well as excelling in their specialty.

Sergeant: A trained soldier, tactician, or medic. One of the more experienced of their specialization. They have proved excellence in leadership and in combat, and have succeeded within the Legion so far.

Specialist: An enlisted soldier of the Legion, one of the better fighters who has somewhat proved himself a good and respectful soldier.

Private: Recruit soldier or medic. Once they have been through basic training and show their respect skills, they will advance to their respective rank and regiment.

New Blood: OOC rank.

Ranger - The stealth classes of the Legion. They likely scout ahead before battles or raids, to check the coast. They are made up mostly of hunters, rogues or druids, though it's not limited to them.

Healer (Medic) - They are either sideline healers or combat medics of the Legion who are always ready to bandage someone up. They can be holy healers, or just a first aid expert.

Foot-Soldier - An infantryman. They go into fights head-on normally, using whatever weapons they are supplied with or that they prefer. They are a mix of rangers too, if they're not on specific missions.

Riders of Decyre - Undead soldiers. They must be accepted by the leader of the Riders, and only Death Knights are accepted. They use their different curses, spells, and wits to survive and aid the Legion in ways that a normal warrior can't.

Auxiliary - They are not 'official' members of the Legion's ranks. They have different skill sets such as an enchanter, or a veteran soldier who has let go of their rank. These people live in peace, and do not have to be bothered with training sessions or expeditions, but offer their skills for a price.

Perks of Joining:

-All of the guild perks up to level 17
-Guild rewards
-A mostly full guild bank with items possible for everyone to use.
-A small but active guild with friendly people
-Members willing to help with mounts, armor, leveling and dungeons.
-Fun RP events every week!
Officer Positions:

We are open to officers, but the position will not just be handed out. There is no minimum time in the guild for the position, if you can show leadership and responsibility.


-There is no minimum level, though you won't be accepted IC until you reach level 15.

-Have a grasp on grammar. We are willing to help you out, if you need it, but if you refuse to learn, or repetitively do it, you may be kicked.

-Stay active. After two weeks of inactivity, you will be demoted to the OOC rank, and after a month, you will be kicked. We understand, real life happens. So if something comes up, just notify an officer, and you're fine.

-Realize the difference between IC and OOC. Don't bring disputes OOC that happened IC. They're supposed to be handled by the character, not the player. The same goes for OOC to IC. They are two different things, and you must understand this.

Try and have MRP (MyRolePlay). It's a very helpful RP add-on that lets you describe your character in multiple ways. (Full name, description, physical features, etc.)

How to join:

You can go to the website and visit the forums. In the recruitment forum section, there are threads to tell you what to do. You can also get to an officer in-game. A short OOC interview is given, and then an IC initiation, and that's how we decide if you're in.

We hope you join us in the good times!

For the Alliance!
Very sorry to hear that Alerrin :( *hugs* Good luck with your guild though :)
Thanks for that, Tinka.
Bump, btw.
If your the Hidden Legion...how come I can see you?

12/12/2012 07:18 PMPosted by Thunderlager
If your the Hidden Legion...how come I can see you?

What if you can't? What if you're hallucinating?
I should be back on today, in an hour or so probably, now that I'm back in town.
Bump. Thanks for those who've visited the website.

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