Northern cloth scavenging

Why doesnt this get upgraded to pandaland cloth scavenging?

In need of some tailoring love.
It already works, they simply didn't change the name. Didn't you notice it working on embersilk?
The windwool drop rate, from what I understand, is significantly higher than that of embersilk, let alone frostweave. So things are fine like they are.
i find i get at least double the cloth on my tailor that i do on any of my other characters. if not more.
Windwool was extremely abundant at the start of MOP, but it was the first resource to get the axe, shortly after launch. It's becoming increasingly rare, I'm starting to wonder if growing it on the farm might be worthwhile.

Doing dungeon/scenario runs for VP has been enough that I don't need to buy a lot of cloth. But if there's another tailor in the run, I can tell right away by the reduced amount of sparklies.
You may notice when looting the untaggable mobs that sometimes you only get a little cloth. Just means someone else took all the "regular" loot, but your Northern Cloth Scavenging is kicking in a little extra just for you. So, yeah, it's still working.
On my druid, in an hour of time spent at the new area in karasang, i got 10 stacks of windwool, while the other people in my group only got 2-3, and we were all there for the same amount of time. And if you are still having trouble getting windwool cloth as a tailor, I have no idea why you get none, i seem to always get it, its gotten to the point where i just dont loot in dungeons anymore
It works for windwool. I know this because my tailor gets extra cloth after others have looted.

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