An engineers Dilema

Dear Blizzard,

As an engineer I want to thank you for all of the wonderful mounts that I'm able to create. With math and science and Gnomish gnowhow it's all a lot of fun. Cycles, Rockets and Gyrocopter's. But I feel that in my adventuring on Pandaria that something has been overlooked. In the engineering area of The Shrine of the Seven Star's I took notice of a mount unlike any other and decided that I needed to bring it to your attention. Now I hope most engineers will agree that this mount is clearly quite awesome and as such I've linked some Screen Shot's below.

In short can we please, please get a Schematic of the Cornocopiafishcycle
Looks like a custom mod, though I am sure with some persuasion, Blizzard can convince the engineer to instruct you on modifying your own cycle.

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