frost, why the F is it so crap now (pvp)

Death Knight
Seriously, why the hell am I even wearing armor at all?
12/02/2012 10:00 PMPosted by Blackard
Seriously, why the hell am I even wearing armor at all?

I thought the same thing. That's how I came up with this transmog.
Hate to put a finer point on it BUT you are mostly Contender geared compare to the Overwhelming possibility that you are facing players IN Epic pvp gear ,(sorry no Fkn idea what its called :P).

so no where near enough Resil/ Pvp Power if at all ... Did I just see a Cata Trink o.O that will not suffice :(..

Oh you pvp blood.. they Nerfed, wait im sorry they REWORKED, Death strike so it doesn't not benefit from player/pet damage......

Unless you flag carry,( which i hope you do not given the state of your gear :().. do not pvp blood any player with half a brain will pummel you from afar

get DC instead of RW death pact instead of that siphon thing

Not meaning to be rude at Just it would be like me running in there in just my Jockeys thinking Id survive and then Jumping on forums to wonder why I got smashed in the face multiple time by multiple players :(.. even my own team if they could i guess lol
Blood is still an absolute beast in PvP. I solo'd an arcane mage, frost dk and arms warrior in Mines yesterday for over 5 minutes before game ended, finished at full health and killed the DK and mage (albeit the mage was arcane) twice.

I'm in full Dreadful with one piece Malevolent and a heroic 463 weapon.

That said, Blood can't kill anyone who doesn't want to fight you, because you can't reliably keep anyone in a fight. Frost does suck, no question. We can deal some damage as frost but we get mowed down by most classes in equivalent gear who know what they're doing.

If you're using Frost, make sure you talent your ghoul heal and macro Lichborne heals, or you'll end up dying before you can make yourself useful :)

Just my two cents.
Pretty sure Frost will scale well though.

I demolish people in 85 XP off. Even managed to go 10-9 solo queues (faced absolutely terrible players though).

o.O so 85 is the new 70 ?? hmm on a side note damn u Grim you have Chrominius ><

Haven't had any luck with the new Pets in old content
85 is currently the most active twink bracket with 80 probably following it.

Excessive resilience is hurting the 70s bracket now.

ikr try killing my 75% resil resto shammie lol a level 90 geared hunter couldn't lol he wasn't popping everything but he was annoyed
This isn't winning!
It's dying in style!

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