<Siege> - Saurfang H

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Recruitment is currently open for warlocks and mages.

<Siege> is a small 10 man raiding guild with a roster of 10 raiders that are currently 4/6H MSV, trying to push cutting edge WotE. We raid Wed/Thurs/Sunday from 7pm SVT till approximately 10pm (give or take a half hour or so depending on whether it is farm content or progression).

If you have any questions feel free to add me (Dziwoki#1423) on RealID.
Alternatively, you can go straight to filling out an app at: siege-saurfang.wowstead.com.
Bamp for Healers
Pathogen scum in my recruitment thread and for updated wanting list.
Still looking
Updated what we're looking for.
trialling trials through trials at the moment, feel free to app regardless.
app city !@#$%, app app city ^-*!@;
ten ten twentties and them fifties #$%^-.
where are my warlock frunds
stop hiding and app

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