Worgen quest to get the cat needs fixing

I created my first worgen yesterday. got her up to the quest where you have to kill the npc to get the cat. or rather wait for grandma to kill him in order to get the cat. Well the problem is he wont die if people are attacking him, grandma has to kill him. With cross realm questing now there was a line up of people camping the spot. some people had been waiting 5 hours and still no luck. I ended up deleting my worgen because couldnt progress with her. My suggestion, make it so he can be player killed or lootable by everyone.
I totally agree. I have been trying for 2 days. It's ridiculous
You should have been here when Cata first dropped. It's the same problem with any scripted quest in starter zones, you get lots of people stuck waiting on an event... and then they keep waiting, because someone else tagged it first.

I would agree, making this quest "tag-share" would be ideal. I just don't know if they'll bother, given not as many people are likely to be running the worgen start zone at once now.
i was waiting there for 8 hours it completely needs to be fixed.
Does anyone know if there is a database anywhere keeping track of broken WoW quests? Off the top of my head I can come up with at least 10 that are either impossible to finish, or can only be done by means other than how the quest was designed.

It would be nice to have a database to easily look up which ones are broken, how long they have been broken, and offer tips to help complete them in other ways.
Yup, I had a horrible time with that one also. I would like to roll another Worgen, but the way the quest series is at the moment with the cat and a couple of the others, I can't bring myself to suffer through it all again.

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