I have a confession.

That glyph goes great with the "starcaller" title. And it allows you to show off transmog! :)

Also is awesome for pvp.
FYI, if I ever go boomkin, I'd def use Glyph of the Stars... I worked hard for my CM armor.
Using the glyph of stars has made me appreciate the laser chicken form more, through Incarnation.

It's one thing to look like a laser chicken all the time and occasionally put on armor... but a whole other to look starry all the time and occasionally boom pow armored laserbeak GO!
If you want to look like some fruity twilight character, be my guest. Fat orange chicken form all day err day.
Why cant we use appearance alteration such as Nogg forgger in Glyph of Stars.

Shadow priests can use them all.
To each, their own really. I don't personally have any interest in donning said Sparkles McDressup form myself.
Hm. I have never tried playing a druid before. Now that i know there is an option to be Sparkles McDressup, I feel my time leveling this monk has been wasted. Where do I sign up?!?
I honestly hate the look of it. I would think an astral form would have more of a glow and less of a opaque, twilight sparkle to it. I have heard mention of it being used in RBGs as a way of keeping your enemy confused, but I haven't tested it. I won't judge you for liking it though.
When I tried balance for a while I thought the effect was too subtle. When you're in Moonkin it's obvious you're ready to nuke -- there's no question that you're in your DPS form. With stars that's just not the case. Maybe I didn't give it enough time to get used to it, but there were times I shifted out for whatever reason and thought I had shifted back (but hadn't).

Shadow priests are a good example of taking the adjustment to the right level.

I like the idea above of introducing some constellation lines to connect the stars -- but obviously not taking it as far as Elegon so that gear still shows.
this thread makes me sick
I enjoy Glyph of Stars myself, always felt sad that the only piece of my gear in boomkin form I could see was the weapons :P

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