Silvermoon Fountain FPS down/client crashing

Technical Support
When in the Sunspire in Silvermoon City running towards the Court of the Sun, my framerates drop from ~60fps to 0-1 fps. Usually I can resolve this issue by panning my camera away from the camera, but it's been a recurring issue since 5.1.

Any solutions to this?
Ive seen a whole bunch of posts but no response regarding this issue. You'd think they'd do something in an emergency fashion when a city fountain causes people to freeze up.
Only thing that worked to get me out of that was logging out, then entering in again and turning the character away from the fountain, and activating the hearthstone. The screen freezes and lags, but eventually it will work. It just takes awhile.

It took me several tries (logging out then back in) though.
I don't like being in Silvermoon now. Or at least near the Court of the Sun. Hopefully this maintenance day will resolve it.

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