Nerfs are coming at us strong.


it's a game dude. no point in playing a specc or class if it sucks. its no fun being underpowered. not saying demo is, but being "loyal" to a specc is about as silly as people getting arguments over which shovel is best.

it's just a shovel.
Demo warlocks needed to be nerfed. Their pressure was, still might be, the best in the game and their burst was 100x better than the hunter stampede "bug" at the beginning of the season. I've been hit back to back with 100k CWs with RoS up (can't be crit).

But this was all Blizzard's fault. Making Dark Soul undispel-able but keeping the damage the same was so incredibly over powered.

Demo is still in a good place fellas! Now you'll just need your mage or warrior buddy to help you kill something now.
Why would you get benched? Warlocks do great dps pve.
I rerolled a Warlock because I got tired of Tanking / Healing on my Paladin for the last two expansions and wanted to main a ranged DPS class for once.

I took a Hunter, Mage, Warlock, and Elemental Shaman to about level 35 to 40 each and by far Warlock was the most fun.

I'm looking forward to DPSing for an expansion. Maybe I'll dabble in PvP at some point.

But definitely not giving up a class this fun because of some nerfs.
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Demo warlocks needed to be nerfed. Their pressure was, still might be, the best in the game and their burst was 100x better than the hunter stampede "bug" at the beginning of the season. I've been hit back to back with 100k CWs with RoS up (can't be crit).

Umm, Nothing is or has been so far in this expansion more op then the stampede bug. Stampede was soloing people behind pillars at full health and killing spriests through dispersion. The huntard didn't even have to do anything.
12/03/2012 11:02 PMPosted by Xagathon
If it has to do with PVE affliction I will be VERY upset.
I'm glad there are players out there who enjoy this spec. I personally despise it. The only thing the spec has going for it is good numbers, which just makes me hate it more. I wanted to play destro a bit this expac. It looks so cool/awesome with all that fire, yet I will never get the chance to do anything more than muck about in it on clean up day.
I've been playing demo since the start of cata. Even with the nerfs demo is still far stronger than it was then, I love the spec so I'm not about to quit because of nerfs.

However, that said, my favourite aspect of this expac has been being able to pvp in demo, and the minute I stop enjoying demo will be when I quit this game.
If demo stops being pvp viable I will lose a lot of interest in this game.
They fire our class person and suddenly Warlocks get nerfed to hell. I sense a conspiracy...
inter-office politics, mages are blizzards little princess spoiled !@#$heads who get whatever they want, destro/demo/affliction all viable. Destruction is not as weak as people portray it to be
My warlock shall be forever my main, and I will love him.

Spec wise though, I'm affliction for life but I decided to try the other specs in Mists, so far they're enjoyable.
They made us Demonologists make a come back at 5.0 but nerf us at 5.1 due to heavy complaining about oneshots with Chaos wave. I will always stick to Demonology for seeing Illidan Stormrage and reading his lore led me to playing as one. Its fun and im in a guild that allows me to play the spec i love. I get tired of ppl telling me to play destro or afflic they seem too easy. Demonology has and will always be a spec with unlimited potential. To my brothers and sisters of the dark arts (true warlocks) play the spec you love and the way you want to play it as. And i enjoy this forum for i get to have conversation to my fellow warlock that the rest of the other classes cannot possibly understand.
Well I made this gal in Vanilla, dropped WoW right when TBC started (Was Living Overseas) I started again in Wrath for about a year, and dropped it again for a while when ICC was becoming farmable (Work, no time). When I came back at the tail end of cata, Locks seemed inconsistent, too many procs and a bit too much Ramp up time. I got her to 85, and decided to finally level a shaman, but never forgetting that She's no. 1. After the 5.01 patch, I jumped back, and found myself loving her all over again. after 5.1 The Nerfs do make me QQ a bit, since it feels as if we were being punished for being able to build up and launch a tactical nuke in the plethora of CCs being tossed around, but I got over it when I noticed my burning ember generation was skyrocketing. Hell Panda Xpac, even got a dedicated Aff lock to fall in love with Destro; the spec that was lauded as Fire Mage lite.
Simply put, this is my Main, this is my First 60, 80, 85, 90, I've had too many good memories to shelve her and gather dust because she's not the Flavor of the month.

Though if I have to say one thing that did make me sad, is the loss of Affys and Destros Shadowbolt spell. I even came across a bug where if you would spec change from Demo to Aff, it would fail to turn to MG. I don't care that I did considerably lower DPS, it was the spell I wanted.

I'm not a guy who obsesses over numbers or who will play something they don't like because it's a "better class" I like my Lock damn it, and I'll quit playing before I put my baby in a corner

just a side note, I think transferring over the bonus from MG can be worked into Shadowbolt, and would rather have that then a purple laser beam. I liked the Black skull flying towards people. Hell even a cosmetic change, make it like arcane missles, thats a channeled projectile spell, still does the same thing.

But thats mild nerd rage

Teal Deer

I <3 You Dancemacabre
They can't nerf us, at least not in the way they think they are doing...

We Locks are the flavor, and blizz is having some frustrating teeth brushing days getting the flavor off their tongue. Those DoTs are quite filling too, and don't get me started on that spicy CB...Their stomachs fear it even more then Taco Bell.

you forgot to add in warriors frost mages rogues DK's did I miss any?

You know rogues are kinda one of the worst PvP class this season ? And if you think DK are OP its a L2P issue.

Rogues are pretty wimpy right now. DK's aren't OP persay, but I've run across more than a few that I simply cannot get away from...and cannot hurt due to self healing. It's drawn out, but I'm gonna die.

It's the warriors that do nothing more than charge in and kill you in 3 hits that I have a real issue with. I've asked a number of locks now what they do when a warrior charges in and more often than not the response is "I die". I've been in bgs where I'll watch ONE warrior take out 4 or 5 people so fast that there is no method of counter-attack. We were running the flag in WSG and a warrior came in charging..He killed me in 3 my current gear, and 3 other people before his backup arrived and killed the flagholder. That's just ridiculous.

Sure locks do some crazy dmg at times, but destro is also the easiest to control from a CC perspective. It's all based on casting spells that are easily silenced and locked out.

Hunters are another story of "wtf were they thinking". The burst dmg combined with multiple methods of CC while bursting is just stupid. I should not have to blow a healthstone, dark regeneration, resolve and finally the 8 second immune JUST to survive the initial onslaught and shuriken toss and begin fighting back after the silencing shot, disorienting shot and pet stuns. All that and they can also heal themselves? It's just silly.

The real problem with these two classes shows up when it's not just elite highly skilled warriors and hunters mopping the floor with people but any moron out there with some macro'd hotkeys who decides to pvp with that class.

Locks are unable to be killed by any other class with the absolutely OP self healing.

Healthstones are on a 2 min. cooldown. So is Dark Regeneration. They generally get used together for huge chunk of healing, yes, but again, it's once every two minutes. Destro can use up embers to heal themselves too, but if you've forced them to do that, it's fewer embers for them to use offensively. The only other self heal is Drain Life, which is channeled and has a giant green "I'm over here please silence me" beam that points straight at its source.
I was also in a random BG yesterday, had a Lock running around 2-3 shotting people with Chaos bolt. I have a well geared Ret (60% PvP Resi), and this lock, 1500 rated, feared, hit me for 55k and then 250k CB for a 3 shot, and he was not in combat prior to that, he respawned from GY in TP and ran to mid to engage.

I'm sorry, but if you only have 305k health you're not "well geared", you're in quest greens.

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