Nerfs are coming at us strong.

I'm new to playing a lock, I usually play hunter or priest, but I fell in love with my lock. I'm trying to figure out what the best spec for it is. So far I've been leveling demo and it is fun. But is it the best spec to play?
I've left the game but never left warlocks.

It is somewhat dissapointing to see my destro guild mate do 20K more damage than I can as demo with a seeming easier rotation and not liking that I can't seem to kill any class outside of BGs (although I had a priest run away in Karasang so maybe)

But ya - this toon has gotten most of my lovin' since I started playing. Not gonna give up on her just cause they'll never let us be powerful for long...
@Evilstarr, stay demo for leveling. Its the coolest spec IMO. Fun is relitave to what you like I have no idea what you would like.

@Qual, destro is not that far ahead of Demo. If your guildmate is doing more DPS its either gear or skill.
I am having a blast playing demo so far. Having a little bit of trouble with burst damage leveling. When I'm fighting trash in a dungeon, usually the trash mobs are dead before I can get a shadowbolt off.
12/06/2012 11:40 AMPosted by Evilstarr
I am having a blast playing demo so far. Having a little bit of trouble with burst damage leveling. When I'm fighting trash in a dungeon, usually the trash mobs are dead before I can get a shadowbolt off.

There isn't really a best spec for levelling, even dungeons as you mention stuff dies fast so it doesn't matter too much. Destro provides the best burst, but any of the specs are really fine. I pretty much levelled as affliction though I was destro a lot during wrath and find myself playing it again now. Demo is fun though, I've used it soloing old content a lot.
some people will say demon is best for leveling but i personally thought des was best for me from 85-90. Between chaos bolt and using the voidlord and soulburn basically giving me endless embers i found it faster then anything demon or aff could give me
Thank god I don't PVP because KJC is awesome for raiding now. For me, even with all the nerfs/fixes, using KJC has yeilded a dps gain compared to pre-patch.

You know rogues are kinda one of the worst PvP class this season ? And if you think DK are OP its a L2P issue.

Rogues are pretty wimpy right now. DK's aren't OP persay, but I've run across more than a few that I simply cannot get away from...and cannot hurt due to self healing. It's drawn out, but I'm gonna die.

It's the warriors that do nothing more than charge in and kill you in 3 hits that I have a real issue with. I've asked a number of locks now what they do when a warrior charges in and more often than not the response is "I die". I've been in bgs where I'll watch ONE warrior take out 4 or 5 people so fast that there is no method of counter-attack. We were running the flag in WSG and a warrior came in charging..He killed me in 3 my current gear, and 3 other people before his backup arrived and killed the flagholder. That's just ridiculous.

Sure locks do some crazy dmg at times, but destro is also the easiest to control from a CC perspective. It's all based on casting spells that are easily silenced and locked out.

Hunters are another story of "wtf were they thinking". The burst dmg combined with multiple methods of CC while bursting is just stupid. I should not have to blow a healthstone, dark regeneration, resolve and finally the 8 second immune JUST to survive the initial onslaught and shuriken toss and begin fighting back after the silencing shot, disorienting shot and pet stuns. All that and they can also heal themselves? It's just silly.

The real problem with these two classes shows up when it's not just elite highly skilled warriors and hunters mopping the floor with people but any moron out there with some macro'd hotkeys who decides to pvp with that class.

Im sorry Zinky but you obviously don't know anything about hunters at all but we got major nerfs 5.1 such as bestial wrath your now able to be cc'd which is awful for us. Lynx rush our main source of burst before 5.1 was turned into a bleed effect, and arcane shot got a 20% dmg reduction and arcane shot is one of our main moves... yeah BM is a pretty easy spec to play but when I get hit by a chaos bolt for 150 - 200k I just don't understand why warlocks are complaining... Not to mention ive never seen a warlock have to blow that many cd's just to survive our first hits in a fight what you just stated there is literally almost all bm's moves so if your fighting a hunter poping everything off the bat hes not that good and btw rediculous ammount of cc? scatter shot and intimidation our only cc's and silencing shot lasts for 3 seconds... and our one heal exhileration heals us for 30% of our hp one chaos bolt could take that down in one shot. Lern before you type my friend... Oh yeah and not to mention blizzard needs to take out that 8 second !@#$ing fear the best cc in the game atm...
I have always been affliction but i use Demo for PvP/leveling spec, Vox is my only 90 and is the only class i truly enjoy playing...I will stick by this class until we are taken out of the game or the game closes...I have to say i was weak during Wrath and because Destro had higher DPS than Afflic I switch because I kept getting kicked from dungeons because they saw my spec and just because some website said destro pulled a little bit higher dps they booted me, I also missed out of a lot of raids for the same reason...
Destruction. I'm Chaos incarnate. Is there a reason to play any other class?
For once since Wrath Demo was able to come back on top however ppl complained about our auto attack and our Chaos Wave. CW didn't need a nerf you just underestimated the power of Demonology in MoP and you deserved to get oneshotted by it! For those that cried for the Ultimate blanket to put other classes to sleep, congrats we got nerfed. However I will always play Demonology cuz i love it so . It is the very reason why I became a warlock and made it my main. For those that forsake their warlock bcuz of the nerfs we have been getting (with the exception of affliction) , for those other Warlocks that complain about our Blood Fear shame on you. Anyone can see the cast fear from a mile away but the Blood fear costs no mana and its instant meaning more resources manawise and a with a 10 sec cd im suprised no other warlocks arent using it. We can gain the 10% health back with our life stealing moves and abuse our instant fear again. For other warlocks trying to nerf our class do yourselves a favor, quit being a warlock and play another class we will not miss you either. Warlock for life should you be Alliance or Horde I respect you all.
Just read Rore's post and wanted to comment on that before hunters were known to have the infamous 2 minute "i win" button. it was labeled that for a reason. It was shame where as a player a hunters pet could literally kill me without the hunter himself or herself actually shooting me one time. I have yet to have my felguard or felpuppy go red, be unkillable and drop anyone.

beast mastery and warriors avatar needed some serious toning down and not thinking that is just i am sorry being just plain naive
Pshaw, I've been playing Destro since cata and stuck with it for MoP, you think a few nerfs are gonna get me down? :P
@Evilstarr I've been playing demo for leveling my lock and he is around your lvl at 46 currently and I absolutely mop the floors in dungeons. I started playing demo cause I really wanted to learn the class before I hit 90 for pvp but I may mix it up now, but back to my main point I'm doing anywhere from 35-50% of the total damage in a dungeon, demo is definitely viable for lvling.
Let's just be mature about the incoming nerfs and not fill up our class forum and the Damage Dealing forum and every other vaguely related forum with 5 page QQ threads about how it's the end of the warlock class.

Demo just got some nerfs, mostly for PvP, so Demo should be ok for a while. Destro's not terribly strong and now that the RoF stun is gone, there really shouldn't be any reason to nerf that. Aff does have a PvE nerf coming, we've been in a pretty good spot since the start of MoP, and I can't imagine the nerfs being as hard as what Fire Mages got. If anything, I expect Aff to get nerfed and then for ex-Fire Mages to come in and QQ that our nerfs weren't hard enough.

Stay strong my fellow Warlocks!
Nerfs come all the time. It just means we need to learn how to play a little different now.

Were the nerfs end all for locks? Not at all. Demo is still a good spec, tho you might have to play a little different now. We are down but not out.

What about the buffs we also recieved? KJC is now a good talent to use. This alone can help with dps as moving will not be as much of a factor.

Staying strong here because a lock is the only class I enjoy playing.
I didn't choose the imp life, the imp life chose me. -folds arms- IMP SWARM SON.
I came with the Shattering as a Lock and I shall go into the darkness of the End as a Lock.


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