Elemental Ideas (Other specs also I guess)

Ok to start these are IDEAS, that's it... also more toward PvE than PvP

A little back story to my ideas, im 6/6H in Vaults, 2/6H HoF and 4/4 ToES, and I noticed during alot of the fights, specifically the heroic fights where things just hit harder that I was just getting hit quit a bit harder by mechanics than the rest of our group...which made my ankh A thing that was used far to often not on failed mechanics but on me getting hit harder than the others in our group... blame the healers >.< (kidding kidding)

So my first idea was a natural damage reduction.
    1) I know alot of other classes have a natural damage reduction (Yes i know not ALL) and was thinking that was something that we could have not as an all the time thing but instead like a talent. (Think like hunters have Iron Hawk talent) Would that not help alot for situations in mechanics cant be dodge.

  • A) An example is Heroic Blade Lord Ta'yak, his Windstep ability which ticks for 150,000 Physical damage every 2 sec for 30s. On me it was hitting that hard the entire duration meaning that I had to be baby sat when i got the debuff. So over 30s with no help from the outside word it would do 2,250,000 damage to me. (that hurts to look at) not on a class like Shadow Priest(Boomkin, Hunter etc) it would do 127,500 damage a tick, or over 30s it would do 1,912500 damage which is 337500 damage difference. Minor(ish) but over the course of a fight thats huge. Yes these numbers are completely approximate (because of defensives/absorbs/etc) but the general theme does still apply
    • 2) Again on the defensive side: can we have an actual defensive cooldown? I noticed this one on Heroic Garalon today with his crushes. Most of my raiders have a defensive cooldown to use with a crush or at least every other crush but as a Shaman our defensives are kinda bunk (yes bunk). We have Stone Bulwark Totem which absorbs around 50-55k dmg and then 15-20k after that. I feel like thats a little under other classes bubbles even if they arent a healer i.e. Spriest bubble, or mage shield. But 1 Min is nice for that. You have Astral Shift which is our 40% damage reduction but i havent found any use for it in a PvE situation yet... and lastly we have Nature's Guardian which honestly i choose for most fights cause it saves me when I get low and gives me (and healers) that extra breathing room.

  • B) Im thinking either our Stone Bulwark needs to shield more or cooldown be lowered or both (Its December i can be wishful :D ). Astral Form needs a higher damage reduction. Maybe 60% or something (I know PvP might get messed with that) Just something thats competes with other classes since we dont have a imunity or a high damage reduction. We get a you get smacked and can rez yourself. A use for a hight damage or complete immunity would be absorbing sparks on Heroic Will. I cant help on any of them without dying which isnt something guilds want when progressing.
    • Please oh please somebody add some constructive criticism. Im far from the best Shaman our their but I wanna see what people are thinking cause from my World of Logs its just me getting hit alot harder than other classes and just not being able to help.

      Please no Trolling or QQing, lets make this a Forum that people take serious

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