can i do dailies....

even if I dont do all the quest to level up an alt. Im not going to do all the quest this time and go through dungeons or pvp also to make it less of a pain and same old thing all over again. So my question is can i still do the dailies even if i didn't complete the quest chains?

The options to lvl are dungeons, pvp and quests. So if I want to do the dailies do i HAVE to do the quest chains ? Cause that would suck....and be boring doing it the same way all over again for all my alts i would like some variation.

I personally don't think so cause dailies are optional content and would be silly to have them gated behind quest chains lol. But better safe then sorry am i right?

Thank you to all that reply
Klaxxis are the only ones that you have to do significant non-repeatable quest chains to unlock.

But the quest chains generally give you rep anyway, so it's not like they're useless by themselves.
Assuming you get your alts to level 90, you will be eligible to do dailies. However, specific ones will require quest chains to open. There is not getting around that. However, the chains are not too onerous. As Tarski mentions, Klaxxi is the only one where you basically do all the quests in the zone to open all the dailies. However, you can still do a few Klaxxi dailies with just the first few quests in the zone being done. The easiest to do will be the Anglers.

If you want to use addons, Wholly and Grail should be able to tell you exactly what quests you need to do to be eligible for any dailies.

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