Conrad's announcer review (again)...

The grand championships this year were fun to watch no doubt. Happy to see Snutz take home 1st after being so close for so long. His video's is part of how i learned to play affliction well, so I'm definitely a fan. Seeing the decisive match end in the damage meter check was sh!t, but whatever.

I thought you did a particularly nice job this time Conrad, especially day 1 when the streams first went up. Reck was very awkward and silent for much of the first couple of hours, which was rough during times where EG was arguing and you guys had to fill a lot of time. I figured Reck would do a bit better considering he streams to almost that many people daily anyways...

It was a lot more pronounced and fluid when you announced with Vhell who obviously has more experience, and it worked well with you two. When you threw up your corny jokes, Reck wasn't playing off them too well.

But as such I noticed you try pretty hard to pick up the slack in the early going at least, and you made the horrendous amount of early downtime better. Cheers.

P.S. - You got lucky... because I flew to China and went to the 29th floor of EVERY godd@mned hotel and didn't find you.

(great slip up you had there)
yeah that slip up with the floor...wooops...

Thanks =)

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