Toothpaste Defense Is Now Recruiting.

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About us: Our main raiding 10m is 1/6 Heroic Mogushan Vaults and 6/6 Heart of Fear. and 3/4 ToES Due to us acquiring some amazing raiders recently that we don't have room for in our main raid, we are forming a second 10m and have some specific needs for it. Even though this is a secondary group we are still planning on taking progression seriously.

What sets us apart: We believe attitude as as important as skill of a player and like to have an enjoyable environment for our raiders in and out of raid. After all, games are about having fun, so why not enjoy yourself while progressing. We want raiders who don't JUST log on for raids and have a player/raid base that likes to have fun with each other.

What we are looking for: Exceptional raiders with a good attitude who want to be active outside of raid and who know how to have fun but be serious when needed in raid. We want someone whom will mesh well with our group as well.

Raid times are currently somewhat flexible so we can possibly work around scheduling however raids will most likely be late night. (11 server or so and maybe earlier on weekends)

We are currently looking for
1 Fire Mage
1 shadow priest or boomkin

We might be open to other classes however so please feel free to contact me ingame stormvine#1200 or post here if you are interested.
I have a small pecker!
Catdad, you would get along swell with our druid.
You two might have something in common.
Probably not.
Never know till you try.
11/21/2012 12:13 AMPosted by Earthroot
Not screw it. Fair. I had this one coming.
Sparks #1
11/21/2012 07:22 AMPosted by Sorrowness
By far the best name I've seen so far. Give the Chodemaster my regards.

~*~*~smooches~~*~*~* <3
That is a chode by the way, not a heart.
This is my kind of guild.
Darn right
prepare your dookers
11/21/2012 01:19 AMPosted by Catdad
I have a small pecker!

Are we talking genitalia or birds?
Primarily looking for a heals now, still prefer paladin but open to other classes as well.
Old but....

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