Toothpaste Defense Is Now Recruiting.

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Or an evil brother

I'm a floss time offender.
I floss on the first date.
Press 1 for Earthroot's Crab Dance.
When I push 1 it takes me to this

I'll just leave this here though

Furthermore, this is how We practice for raids
We had an agreement.
You should of read the fine text.

*These terms and conditions of said agreement are subject to change without prior notice at any time . Furthermore, by agreeing to said terms and conditions you are entering a legally binding contract in which you must preform no fewer then three (3) shows per month in which you must sing at least five (5) songs live on stage before an audience. Failure to do so will result in termination of said agreement and loss of any and all unpaid funds. You also agree to bind funny things to your blood lust keys by agreeing to said agreement.

This was clearly posted in size 2 font on the bottom of the page, right under the coffee stain, its hardly my fault you didn't read it and its hardly as if you kept up your part of it.
My BL macro shall have Earthroot Sucks in it, watch.
I would of gone with "Everyone pretend the boss is Earthroot"
It'd explain how you get tons of haste and start doing a ton of DPS.
11/21/2012 01:42 AMPosted by Novababy
11/23/2012 08:38 AMPosted by Fréon

Your face.
Stupid Earthroot
This guild is so good we promise toothpaste will prevent tooth decay.

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