Toothpaste Defense Is Now Recruiting.

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12/09/2012 07:27 PMPosted by Keylogthis
It spins.
F- Yeah
Tananana BATMEEPS.
I was promised dancing bears.
Allow me, Mag.
12/09/2012 08:43 PMPosted by Magdahlia
I was promised dancing bears.
12/10/2012 03:20 PMPosted by Aranelle
@Bebbit, Everyone has seen you naked.
12/10/2012 04:42 PMPosted by Sorrowness
I like your new mask Bebbit.

My GF said it looks like I have one of those dog collars on that prevents them from biting themselves.
bumping because this thread is at the bottom! NOOO!!
Bebbit's armory is lol. Also, I love that you named one of your pets Treebeard. Always heartening to see other LOTR nerds.
Earth, I'm going to try and make it tonight. I don't get off work until 30 minutes after the scheduled time though.
Alright. worst case we can figure something out
^^what he really means is that he will faithfully wait for you to arrive for what ever it is you have to do. Riiight Earthroot? /stare
Rad guild.

Meepsie took my hunter to her server and allowed me to tame some crazy ghost crab.

It heals.
Flip Yap!!!!
It's Friyay.
Hi, I'm Bebbit.

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