Worst server of all time of hordes?

12/06/2012 01:06 PMPosted by Cerebro
The few horde that remain are not very bright, while leveling this character I was ganked repeatedly in a 83 zone. By a 90 Feral, and then a team of mage/protwar/spriest. I jumped on my DK once I was fed up, and killed about a good 20 hordies in that zone.,.. over and over and over.. then I saw a group of 4-5 allys camping horde who had ganked em. If your horde don't mess with other leveling allies in your zone and for the most part they leave you alone, but if you mess with the frijol get ready to take on the burrito.

rofl!! 20 horde in 1 zone good one! and the ppl that ganked u would be xrealm
HOLY - no way!

I think what you meant to say was a gave ONE horde guy grief who was leveling by killing him 20 times in a row, sorry bud - not that many horde in panda land leveling....
Life on hardmode.
Whats a horde?

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