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Weekend Raiders is the longest established Weekend Guild on Stormrage. It was created for the sole purpose of downing end game content without having to commit to a hardcore raid schedule. Due to our short raid times, we're looking for players that have a fast learning curve and can play their class to the fullest. If you don't use WoW logs to review your performance and have never parsed, look elsewhere. However, if you want to make the most of your time on WoW but not have it turn into a second job, Weekend Raiders might be the guild for you.

For Mists of Pandaria, we've concentrated on 10 man raiding for a more friendly but competitive environment.

Raid Leader has been playing since Vanilla. Raid leading since early WotLK. Experienced in hard modes, 10/25 man raids, as well as leading the occasional pug.

Raid times

Fri 8:00pm - 11pm est
Sun 7:00pm - 9:30pm est

Currently Recruiting

1 SPriest w/ Disc offspec or 1 Feral Druid w/ Resto offspec

If your class is not listed above and you're interested in joining, feel free to contact us. Always looking for exceptional players of any class.

Current Progression in MoP

6/6 MSV
4/6 HoF
1/4 ToES

Our core members reactivated mid November. While we're not going to get server firsts due to our late start, expect a solid pace of clearing content. On that note, we're interested in veteran raiders that started late or alts that would like to join a consistent raid.

All of our members are in their 20's and 30's with full time jobs. Please post an app @ weekendraiders.org or contact my real id. vyoo82@gmail.com (For those sending an id friend request, please include your toon name and any relevant info).

**21+ Players only

bump, looking for a healer for trial run next friday. (Holy Paladin, Resto druid, Monk)
Someone sent me a real id request but I removed it by accident, feel free to msg me in game.
im interested in joining i raid fri/sat night atm but am willing to move that around to fri/sun i like the times ive been healing since the beginning of cata and raiding since BC i am 471 ilvl and im in between os gear im currently building a kitty set for os but i prefer to heal
Hello, family of 3 looking to raid, I've been playing since late vanilla, have resto sham and dk tank, fairly well geared. My son has resto druid well geared, and wife is shadow priest wich is well geared. Would like to talk and see where we might be able to fit in with your guild.
Edit, for those sending a real id friend request, please include your toon name and any relevant info.
Looking for a rogue for trial run this Friday. (MSV 10)
hey Testa. I'm not sure if you remember me, but I used to be in the guild during cata and wotlk (although i didn't raid with you guys much in cata since i took a year off from wow). I progressed with you guys in wotlk when ICC was released. I would love to be a part of your team once again due to the awesome progression experience I've had with the guild.

P.S. Anyone thinking of joining the guild, don't hesitate. weekend raiders is full of competent, fun, and mature people.
476 resto druid if youre still recruiting
Thanks for the kind words Chaosmagi, right now we're full on caster dps. If that changes I'll let you know.

Other healers, i'll add you to my buddy list and contact you if a trial spot opens up. May have one open for HoF this coming Sunday.
LF melee DPS for HoF 10 fresh. Raid starts Sunday @ 7pm server.
Oh hi Testacrush....you helped me kill something during Golden Lotus dailies and then you disappeared.

Thank you!

(Not alot of people on Stormrage help others.)
Are you still in need of a melee DPS? I'm considering transferring to Stormrage
Recruiting 1 ranged dps (Warlock, Mage)

Possibly Vyxn, feel free to add my real id and msg me in game.
LF 1 exceptional dps (melee or ranged) for trial spot tomorrow @ 8. Msv 10 fresh run.
Elegon kill on 2nd attempt and 1 shot Will of Emperor! Not bad for first night of attempts. Need an exceptional DPS to round out our raid roster.
If you guys ever need a healer please look me up. Your raid schedule would work great for me. 477 Holy Paladin.

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