LFM <Weekend Raiders> Fri/Sun Nights

Blade Lord down. Looking for an exceptional leather melee DPS!
Hey im Quick fist im a windwalker Monk 479 equipped i am looking for a Fri/Sun raiding guild i think you guys are perfect whisper me or email me in game if anything i know every fight in MSV and 3/6 HoF
Garalon to 3%, just need a quality dps for our last core spot and g2g.
hey there, i added you to real id, if in not on..chances are that i am sleeping. I am very interested in trying out for your team. I tried to contact you all at 1308EST but nobody was on. I will try again as soon as tonight or at the latest 0730 tomorrow(est 12/18/2012)
Me and a Shadow Priest friend of mine might be interested.. Here's our armouries and feel free to message either of us in game, thanks! =)

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