<Randomly Selected> LFTank for M/W/Th 11:00pm

About Us:
Randomly Selected is a late night raiding guild on (US)Korgath. We are looking for equally skilled raiders who are interested in progression but also having fun along the way.

Raid Times
We will begin raiding at 11:00pm server and usually end around 1:30am. Raid days are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday.

We look for the following characteristics in our raiders: skill, coordination, compatibility, and who are committed to the team.
We want people who know their class and perform well. Performance is great but we also want our raiders to have a good raid awareness because high dps doesn't mean much if you die to something like standing in fire. Raiders should be able to make the raid times, if you can't why apply? Lastly, compatibility is a key aspect because no one wants to raid with someone who constantly complains. For the most part if you have a sense of humor, don't blame everyone for your mistakes, or constantly complain then you'll be fine.

These are the following classes/specs that we are looking for:
Main Tank

Other classes/specs are welcome to apply

You may contact the GM Hallec or Dissidence, if you have any questions or message/apply on our website rs.enjin.com
bump, still looking for tank or healer

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