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Like the title says we are a group and are either looking for a new home or to start up a guild on another server. Fury warrior, resto druid, prot pally, rogue,and lock we all have exp at the moment with 5/6 msv and 1/6 hof, due to a really bad server and cannont recruit to save o ur lives.
Not sure what all you are looking for in a guild, but if you are looking for an adult guild with a limited raid schedule, check out Casually Hardcore at

We are currently 6/6 MSV 2/6 HoF with a 2-night a week raid schedule. We raid Tuesday & Wednesday, 8:30p-Midnight server (PST).
<Enkeli> is building it's 2nd team....moving towards getting back to 25m ASAP....we could definetely use you guys. We are 2/6H MSV and 4/6 HoF. Our raid days/times are Thursday/Friday/Saturday from 6-11 pacific time, which is also realm time.

Shoot me a Btag request if you want to know more about us - Seressa#1450 or visit our website at
We are looking for a few more to join us so we can get back to strength for 10 mans. We are mature, so if yall are easily offended dont bother ;). Raid times are Tues, Wed (or thus) 7-11 and Sun if enough folks on. Would be a group lvl decision on times and days.

We are a lvl 25 guild. Have folks that have been playing together for >7 yrs. If yall want to chat it up, holler at me.
send me a PM in game, browse our forums @ , or find our recruitment threads.

We're a 10man guild looking to basically plump the roster as we've had a few exits due too irl problems for the members. We ran a VERY tight roster so we're talking core spots here, and those 1-2 non core would be put into a heavy raid time rotation.

We're currently 6/6 4/6 progression with an eastern centric raid time.

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