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Running Amok is looking for a few more people to get our 10m up and running consistently. We've been able to get in and get kill Stone Guardians but attendance and holidays have slowed us down.

We need 1-2 melee (paladin/shaman/warr) and a mage or shaman ranged dps. Having a tank or healing OS would be fantastic.

We raid Thur and Sun, 8-11 server. Tues we run LFR as a group for anyone who is interested.

About us. We're adults. At least on paper. We have day jobs, we can be jerks. We're sarcastic, funny, smart and helpful. We're not much for inane chatter.

If you have thin skin, we're probably not the group for you. We insult each other freely. We usually hold off on slamming the new kids for a few days at least.

We want consistent progress without investing every night. We don't expect miracles, but we do expect people who show up on time and consistently, won't pitch a fit if you get the bench once in a while, and of course, know your class.

Check us out on our website (http://thrall-runningamok.guildlaunch.com) to apply or PST to anyone online in game to talk to us.
Still need a few people! Come check us out. We only bite if you ask nice.
We are a great group of people, some of whom have been raiding together since WOTLK. We are experienced, helpful and knowledgeable. Come on over and check us out!
Come on over and sit a spell with us!
you know you wanna!

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