<Group Two> recruiting dps for 10 raiding

<Group Two> is a casual 2 night per week raiding guild with a strong background. We are all adults with jobs and/or families in an extremely laid-back but competent raid environment.

Our current raid nights are Thursday 8:30pm server time until 11pm (this is a our quick farm night), and Sunday 7pm until 10pm sometimes running over up to 11 (this is our progression night, where we work on new or more challenging encounters for us). This schedule was made to accommodate our current raiders' schedules with a second night recently added to give us more time for new content.

We are looking for two dps to fill spots we have been pugging weekly, ideally one hunter and one other exceptional player. We're tired of pugging holding us back.

Please be a mature adult with a sense of humor and know how to use Mumble. We will accept friends or couples as long as both are skilled and nondramatic.

No lengthy application to fill out, just contact me or Veryable in game to set up a trial raid night and ask any questions you have about the guild. We'll be looking to gauge your personality and performance. Of course we'll be taking a look at your gear and experience beforehand--no great expectations here, just that you be on par with the rest of us.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.
Good to see you still at it Gladly. Hope it works out well for you guys.
Bump for deeps
Bump for good people!!

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