[A] Selling a Geosynchronous World Spinner!

Moon Guard
Hey there! I am offering to sell one Geosynchronous World Spinner!

The materials for it are:
12 Living Steel
12 Trillium Bar
12 Spirit of Harmony
20 Ghost Iron Bolts
3 Orb of Mystery

I will provide 2 of the living steel, all of the trillium bars, the spirit of harmony of course, and all 20 ghost iron bolts for 25,000 gold.

This means that all you need to provide is 10 living steel and 3 orb of mystery (which are an item sold by a vendor in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms that cost 20k each).

So for 85k you can have this fabulous rocket that does not require engineering to learn and ride! The average buyout price listed currently on WoWhead is 138,951g.

(85k is the gold spent upfront. The living steel may add to that, depending on your professions/stock.
Yes, the price will drop if you provide your own living steel, trillium, and bolts. It will be 20,000g instead.)

I only have 18 spirits of harmony, so if there's more demand it will take a bit for me to stock up all 12 again. I'm exalted with Tillers and planting all motes, though!

EDIT: Price dropped!
Does it have heated seats? I've heard the nights are so chilly on this planet.
Can I have a free ride? ;3
The seats are quite warm, and I could always make it so that it vibrates. If that's your thing.
This offer is still available!
*scruffs Song's hair*
Still available to make one of these neat rocket mounts!
*Sings* I wanna be a billionaire sooooo freakin' bad... buy all of the things I never had!
Alright, alright. Let's try sweetening the deal. I've dropped the price!
What else can I convince you to drop?
11/29/2012 01:52 PMPosted by Lito
What else can I convince you to drop?

Also, your name is pretty.

Aw, why thank you! I can't drop my undies, Lito, I never wear any.
Bump. Come on, it's a really neat rocket!
I figure it can't hurt to try this again! So, necro bump, as I still have the mats to spare to make one of these for someone.


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