Plz help me choose a computer.

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Hello i am not very good with computers, so i would appreciate any help.
im looking for a Desktop strickly for WOW, no other games wow only.
Could any one pick one out for me from Bestbuy, or hhgreg or even walmart..
my price range is below 600.

And the only reason i dont use sites like new egg is beacuse im quite worried that if i order a expsensive mail item, a neighbor will steal it (which i have had happen ((ipad)).

Could you help me please?
Here's an option, call your local UPS/FedEx and ask them to hold for pickup.

They can and will do that. Then it's just a matter of getting to their site.
ok that sounds good thanks, how about this computer would it beable to run regular wow settings?
•Intel Core i7-3770 processor


•16GB DDR3 SDRAM system memory (expandable to 32GB)

Gives you the power to handle most power-hungry applications and tons of multimedia work

•3TB SATA hard drive (7200 RPM) 330 series60GB S SD
Thinking about this one^
As you'll find browsing other threads asking this same exact thing, you have the following options ASSUMING A 600 OR LOWER BUDGET:

1) Prebuilt PC that will play WoW BADLY
2) Build your own PC that will play WoW decently.
3) Buy a used gaming PC and risk hardware failure issues.

You literally have no other options.

As for the PC above: That processor is completely overkill for gaming. That normally costs upwards of $300 just for the processor and will have negligible performance gains over one that costs $180. The fact that the processor consumes most of the PC's budget, and the fact that you didn't list a video card, means the computer is likely using the onboard graphics or the ones built into the processor. Both of those will fail to run WoW at a playable level -- at least not in raids or densely populated cities.
I got an Asus desktop about a year ago, and I love it! Plays WoW and D3 real good, and was around $350 at Best Buy.
I would just buy a 400$ quadcore hp pc from best buy. Buy new power supply and video card. Should be about 600$ total. Will not be best but will play wow on high at 60 fps
11/26/2012 09:36 PMPosted by Doomjoy
I got an Asus desktop about a year ago, and I love it! Plays WoW and D3 real good, and was around $350 at Best Buy.

At what resolution? Do you raid? This, and most advice, assumes 1920x1080 and heavy raid content.
Do you need the pre-built tower along with a monitor/keyboard/mouse? Basically you need all parts for $600? Including or before tax?

Would you consider buying a computer and installing your own graphics card?

After looking around, I did find this that you should be able to go pick up at Office Max, or they could probably order it and hold it at the store for pick-up:

At that price, you can also grab a monitor locally for $100-$120 and end up around $600 after tax. Now, that's not an enthusiast machine at all, but it will run WoW smoothly at medium-ish settings, maybe some things on high (not shadows). It has a Trinity A8-5500 apu, which is a quad-core with the lower 65w power consumption rating. Down the road you could install a fairly cheap (~$50) Radeon 6670 to take advantage of hybrid-crossfire with the APU. It's not a terrible deal, especially for someone who just wants to buy something and have it work.
Another option, though more work, would be to get a Pentium tower at somewhere like Best Buy and add some extra parts.

This for cheap if they have it locally: - or there are Lenovo versions for ~$370.

Radeon 7750 for $108:

A monitor for $100-$120 (try to get 1080p, but don't go below 1600x900 IMO).

And another 4gb stick of ddr3 for maybe $30 at BB.

That would put you at ~$558 + tax, assuming you could put the ram and video card in yourself. Geeksquad would charge you too much. The HP from Office Max is the easiest choice, but the pentium with a 7750 would offer better performance in games.

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