<Wipes on Trash> need DPS for 10M. (Ally)

Updated 1/21/2012.

What we need A DPS preferably ranged but will definitely consider all offers. Must have a headset be willing to communicate with others through Mumble. We don't any shy, text only types.

Raid Schedule: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs 7:30/9:30pm (EST) to 12:00/12:30am. We are considering taking out Wed for Sun.

Progression: We are 6/6 MSV (duh.) and 6/6 HoF and 4/4 ToES (hah, toes...) 4/6 HM MSV.

About us:About half of the group has been raiding together since Pre-BC and the rest we've picked up along the way. We recently transfered to Tich from Shandris (horde). We are a rag-tag bunch of tackless !@#$%^-s who love nothing more than ridiculing eachother at any given oportunity. That being said, anyone senstive to race, sexual preference, sex, etc will likely not fit in here as we welcome and hate you all equally. As mentioned above the vast majority of guild activity (farming olds raids, pvp, transmog) is coordinated through vent and as such we are not looking for the typer-only types.

Who to contact: Gorehowl, Soysos, Schittybear, Biscosity, Splank, really anyone in our guild is capable of relaying the message to us.

For the Horde! wait...
bump :D
talked to Soysos just now
bump for edits, not server time but EST
bump of the whale. Edited original post: Now considering tanks!
Hello, 475 Surv/BM Hunter here willing to sign up :D!
I know 6/6 MSV 6/6 HoF and 3/4 ToeS!
In Cata I cleared Heroic DS before MoP came out if that is an achive!
Raided with a top 20 guild in Cata.
Have Years and Years of raid experiance.
I also have played wow for about 6 years now.
Reason im looking for a raiding guild is mine fell apart about 1 month into MoP so i didnt get much raid time and im def. not puging at this point in the expansion.
Just looking for some hardcore raiding to enjoy the game more and i would love to raid with you guys. Times are good for me as well because i am EST. I look forward to talking to you guys in game ill message as soon as i get home later today.
bump Need tank!
Prot warrior or brewmaster prefered. Others are still welcome
Druid is good too
Hmm, I might be interested. Add me on Btag Collateral#1185
really, ToES? >_>
Need a tank to start HMs, please message Soysos, Gorehowl or Schittybear if you're interested.
Update! Need DPS!! See details above!
Bump for some good dudes who need more good dudes to keep being good and stuff.
Hunter would be nice :)
LOL Thanks Slooty
Still need a tank it seems -.-
Just completely change your raid schedule to Tues/Thurs+ so you can just recruit my super geared awesome cool monk. Crisis averted.
Actually I'm pretty sure we're taking out Weds all together, just doing tues/thurs/mon
Let's talk tomorrow night.

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