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I started downloading the patch today at about 3:00 eastern time and all was going well at first. now it's stuck in the lower 20s% range and isn't wanting to move far beyond that. Normally I get anywhere from 750kps-1.5mps download speed so it's not usually too long of a download time for me. Also I'm playing on a new computer I got back in Feb this year so it's a fairly new computer. Up until now i've not had problems with patching the game but for some reason this time around the game will start out downloading just fine but my download will drop to 26k-250k per second speed which is ridiculously slow. Also it will sometimes say it can't load a critical file or something along those lines and i'll have to restart the download. Once I do it takes forever to start back and will crap out again not long after that. I've tried knocking out my firewall temporarily as well but still I get the same results. Any ideas as to what's up?
There is a workaround that you need to implement:

Please open up Internet Explorer and make sure that "Work Offline" is not checked, and that Internet Explorer has normal access to the internet. The downloader uses the default Windows settings, which Internet Explorer also uses.

You may also need to double check your proxy settings for Internet Explorer. This can be done by launching that browser, choosing "Tools" then "Internet Options". From there, go to the "Connections" tab and click the "LAN Settings" button. Look for a checkbox labeled "Automatically detect settings." If it is clear, check it. If it was checked, clear it.

In my case it turns out that the "automatically detect settings" box was checked. I unchecked it and immediately my download speed spiked up and now seems to be steady at a reasonable rate.

I hope this helps people.

Edit: You can also try disabling or enabling Peer to Peer transfer to see if it helps with your download speeds. Also unsure if this will fix the other error you recieved but mostly it will fix your download speeds.
that actually helped alot. i'm also glad you told me to check IE, there was a browser hijacker that was active in that browser that had changed my settings. Since I use Chrome and not IE as my default browser I never would've noticed. Luckily I was able to clear it in a few moments. My speed has virtually returned to normal. still a bit slower than what it usually is but that could just be due to weather or peak hours. So far it's doing good. Far as the hijacker I had picked up I had picked up the browser hijacker. If anyone has had that on their computer recently they may want to check their settings.

Thanks for the help.
WOWW!!! Tasa ur a genius! I was getting 130 KB/s after doing what you suggested Im now getting around 350-400 KB/s!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! <3

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