New operation shieldwall quest chain.

After I completed the quest where I had to queue for the scenario I talked to king wrynn and the chain just died off. Am I supposed to pick the chain up somewhere else or is that the end of it excluding dailies?
More to come as you move through the rep, I think. Like once you hit friendly there should be another chain, and then at honored, etc.

Apparently the questchains end up sending you to Dalaran.
i hit friendly and have no quests to do.
Apparently i know a Mage who said he got new quest when he hit Friendly just about 30 mins ago. But when i did, i got nothing.

Confirmed info on Wowhead and other sites' guide that u got the quest from Admiral Taylor immediately after u hit Friendly.

So i believe this one is buggy right now.
Don't feel bad, we're having the exact same issue with our version over on the horde side as well.
Yeah, no Horde bias here, our chains are bugged too it seems.
5.1 hit fast... i hope they take a bit longer... these kind of bugs will just worn the players out :(
Did you do the scenario that King wrynn asks you to do? That was the last quest I got from him before I started with the dailies.
i did all 3 scenarios just in case lol.
Nothing to do with the scenarios, if its a quest involving scenario, it should be outside, then sending u there. Just like that one sending u to the Little Patience scenario.

It's just bugged.
Hit friendly an hour or so ago and still no quest from Admiral Taylor.
Hit friendly, no quest.
Hit friendly and no follow up quests over here on the horde either
So much for us getting the reskinned gryphon/windrider in no time at all...
I've hit friendly and haven't seen any quest either.
amm, is there a way to re-get the mission A Little Patience, i screw it by abandoning the quest and now i can´t fing a way to recover it x.x
WoW head is saying that you need exactly 3950 rep in order to receive the second quest in the quest line, so 3000/3000 to get to friendly, then 950 in friendly to get the quest "He won't even miss it"
Yes, it seems to be Friendly +950. Mapping these is a little difficult without lots of input as to when the quests become available. If anyone can help me out and give me feedback for the Grail addon as to what your rep is when you see the next quests in the chain we can narrow down at exactly what points they happen. Grail's companion addon Wholly actually will show you in its tooltip values like "Friendly +950" as this work was done for all those Tillers quests before. (Of course more input on the actual Tillers transitions is helpful as well.)
Yes 950 rep seems to be the key. I was at 850 with no quest, read this and did another daily, and Admiral Taylor had a yellow quest for me. So try that if you are stuck!

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