4 piece tier bonus - why?

Death Knight
Just came accros this thread.
Bonuses for Blood are great.
Bonuses for Frost are more than decent.
Bonuses for Unholy are weak as hell.

Aren't set bonuses meant to help balance specs out? Why would blizzard decide to give frost better bonuses when it does higher damage in pre teir gear? Unholy is such a fun spec, why don't you make it competetive bliz? I've done lots of in game testing and I know its not reliable but frost is clearly in front. Note: I don't have teir bonuses yet, and I can play both specs well, but in my test fights (Headless horseman, Flameweaver Koeglar, LFR Vizier zor'lok) I'm doing ~10% more damage as frost.
Bumping this thread is great and all, but someone is gonna need to repost the issue in a forum that moderators and Blue posters actually read.

I am quite saddened that when I upgraded to my 4pc but down graded my helm from 496 to 483, my dps dropped.

curse you 4pc... curse you
On this issue, given how piss poor Unholy's 4 peice is, there might be cases where non-teir peices are better than teir peices.

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