[H] 10-Man - 2 Night, Late LF Healer & Tank

Guild Recruitment
Did you get a late start on this expansion? Do you have limited time to play, but still want to progress and see content? Do you primarily play later at night? Tempus Noobis just might be the guild for you. We were formed back in April and are now beginning to raid. We just started MV 10-man, so it's the perfect time to jump in and establish yourself as part of the raid team right from the start.

We are looking for a healer to join our raid team. We would prefer a Monk, Priest or Druid, but will also consider a Shaman or Paladin.

We can also use a tank, either a Paladin, DK or Warrior.

Some raid experience is desirable, but a positive attitude and willingness to learn is even more important. We are a mature and friendly group, so you should be as well.

Here is our info:

Realm: Kilrogg
Faction: Horde
Guild: Tempus Noobis
Raid nights: Monday & Wednesday
Raid times: 9:00pm - 12am PST
Format: 10-man
Website: www.tempusnoobis.guildlaunch.com

Post questions here, or on our website. You can also speak to me in game at: grimlock22#1169. You can also speak to any officer: Streig, Ezandra, Picipat, morphonya.
Healers, where are you?
Please come join the fun as we progress in raids. I really don't want to heal so spare me the pain. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!! I'm begging you. :-)
LoL @ Picipat
Good night bump.
if only you were east :(
; ;
11/29/2012 07:49 AMPosted by Aucy
if only you were east :(

Sorry! :(
Come on out healers and tanks...we don't bite....hard! :)

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