Ogudei Shrine not capturing

Bug Report
I've been able to capture all of the other points in Karasang, but I've tried standing mounted and unmounted all over Ogudei Shrine and I cant get it to start capturing at all.
Happening all over the place. It's usual for alliance to have the advantages like this.
You have to go into the Mines underground geniuses.
Underground, there is one certain spot right before the two main "bosses" from the daily quests. This small area looks like a little concrete or stone circle, probably about 30 or 40 feet in diameter. It is surrounded by four banners of the controlling force. This is the spot to stand to capture the node.
i love the fact that there shrine is guarded by a !@#$ ton of npc and our oil refinery is so out in the wide open
@Kollosaus. Easier to recapture?
It took me forever to find the place but I figured what the heck the Allies on my server take all the bases most of the time so why not pay them back. I also went and soloed the twins beyond that room - too bad they don't drop anything for hordies.
I'm standing on the shrine at this very moment and nothing is happening. Is there a trigger that i'm not aware of?
You must be PVP flagged
Lol they have an advantage because Hellscream is leading us.
And Vol'jin being the warchief is just stupid.
It should be like Rexxar or something :D
I miss him.

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