<In Other News> 25M Recruitment

<In Other News> is a 25 man raiding guild that transfered in June 2012 to Stormrage from Llane (old name was Intervention)

We are recruiting for our one 25 man raid team. Our current needs are 1 heals (Monk or Druid) & 1 Moonkin or Ele Shaman. Our most desired DPS needs are posted on our website. Bench and Casuals welcome.

Current Progression:
12/12 ToT
6/6 MV 25 3/6 Heroic
6/6 HoF 25
4/4 ToES 25

Raid schedule:
Wednesday, Friday, & Sunday- 8:00 pm till 11:00 pm. EST server time.

Loot is by EPGP

Guild website: ivraid.com

Our roots are in 25s. We raided all content in BC, Wrath and Cata. We stayed within the top 10 (2nd at one point) on our old server.

We are a small knit group of players who have been raiding together for several years (4+). We treat people fairly, w/ respect and expect it from our members in and out of guild. We do not tolerate drama or the like.
Our guild consist of adult players over 18. Most are between ages of mid 20's to 50's.

Currently supplying guild repairs and vent server.
Accepting adult players of all levels and classes atm.

Casuals are welcome. We do enjoy a social environment and many of our members do various things within the game through out the day. Dailies, scenarios, dungeons, etc, etc...
We occasionally run old content for guild achievements and have a 10 man alt night that is run usually once a week.

For invite or any questions, please contact me in-game. Midevilwitch, Riichard or Muphrid. Or put an application up on our website. We will contact you shortly.
Friendliest guild on Stormrage.
Still LF an awesome tank that can dedicate to our 3 nights per week raids. A few DPS spots still open, most favored classes are posted on our website.

Will take in casuals of any class, level or spec.
6/6 MSV. Got Garalon to 4% on our first night of attempts.
Still LF a talented tank that can make all 3 of our raid nights.
Garalon dead!
Happy Holidays to all.
Wind Lord Mel'jarak down :)
Amber-Shaper Un'sok down
You guys have room for a Spriest and a Afflication Warlock, me and a friend are looking for guilds and would love to do 25's as opposed to 10's
I got this rogue if you guys happen to want him. 483
Hello there and thanks for reading our post. We are always looking for quality players. Give me a shout in-game for an invite or any questions. Or drop an application on our website.

Grand Empress down on 10. Hitting ToES 25 tonight.
LF a quality Tank and DPS for 25 man Raid spots. Warlock, Hunter, Monk, Druid.
Elite Protectors down last night

Currently closed on melee recuiting. Stilling looking for ranged dps and a tank for our 25 man.
Tsulong & Lei Shi downed tonight on 25 mode.
Looking for some more awesome ranged dps and a steady tank for 25mans!
Currently 15/16 on 25 mode.

LF powerful ranged DPS... mage and hunter are biggest needs. Still LF a solid, dedicated tank.
LF a mature and relaxed environment? Give us a shot.
Hunter spot filled today. LF 1 leet Mage for raid.

We also take in casuals. Any questions, feel free to contact me or one of our officers.

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