World First Warrior H Alys Solo??


also got me my Firelands Meta

not a brag thread, just wondering if any other fellow warrior soloer's have downed this boss
How hard is it? Because if I could do that weekly for the mount, I would.

You need to bicker more in your mmo-champ thread.
what character plate addon do you use????
That looks like it took you a decent amount of time. What buffs did you have? I see you have the buff consolidator up there but no number. Impressive either way.

And I like that ui for pve, what are you using?
I approve of your Transmog Drack...
Nice work. But seriously, I want your UI. What unitframes are you using?
Grats man! Question tho and this might have only been a bug when I was doing it before this xpac but did it glitch out on you at any point during the tries you put in on it? When I was trying this at 85 on reg I'd get up into the first air phase and as soon as I got thru maybe (and this is being generous with my memory) 3 rings she'd despawn and I'd fall from the top and die. This actually kept goin on so I figured i'd try and just saw screw it and get 3 friends to come in and help since i just wanted the achieve but no sooner than the 3 of us got up then this happened again.

If it's stopped happening I'm gonna be pumped but I was honestly just curious if you had any weird bugs like that when you were trying.

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