I've been slowly leveling this guy and have noticed that while leveling I use absolutely no mana. "What I mean by no mana is my mana bar literally never goes down".

Does this change at 90 or do mages no longer worry about mana?
This is normal for Fire Mages. If you play Arcane spec, depending on the last tier talent you select, you may or may not see the mana bar move much.
If you take Invocation as your 90 talent, you will lose mana pretty quickly actually; faster as Fire (and presumably Arcane, though idk myself) than Frost due to higher Frost haste. But Since you will be Evocating every ~40ish seconds (iirc) for bosses, you shouldn't worry about being OoM, unless your Evos get interrupted.
Try spellstealing some stuff.

Was just doing some dailies, and spellstealing some buffs, and before I knew it, I was dry. For the first time this expansion.

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