A Test of Valor bugged?

Bug Report
As of right now the only valor that is counting towards the legendary quest is valor earned from dailies and normal/heroic raid(not lfr or random heroics). Is this intended or is this a bug?
Same thing happening to me. The text seems to imply that it can be done using any Valor gaining method.

There are many ways to prove yourself valorous on this continent, from daily tasks to the defeat of heroic enemies within their lair. I will let you choose your own course.

Just did 2 heroics before i noticed. So either this is a bug or i just blew 120VP towards this quest. And if that's what is intended That is some serious bull spit.

**EDIT** The Quest is working. Check your Achievements (Quest > Pandaria > All the way at the bottom) The Achievement is tracking it correctly, i have 120 towards the total needed.

**EDIT** as corrected below, i should have put it in right away. The quest tracks the achievement, not the valor earned towards the achievement.
It appears to be bug in regards to dailies now as well. None of the valor points I have earned since picking up the quest are counting for it.
Only valor obtained through dailies & raiding will count towards this quest.

No valor obtained after you have capped for the week will be counted.
still buged I have not gotten any valor to count so far
It is not bugged, as Rubdebelly stated the achievement is found in Quests; Pandaria; all the way at the bottem is A Test of Valor. As soon as i got the quest from the prince that achievement started tracking. Doesn't seem like it is bugged to me.
12/05/2012 09:13 PMPosted by Rubdebelly
Apparently the Quest Tracker portion of this quest is bugged and does not display when you earn valor.

Incorrect as well, the quest tracker is for the achievement to be completed, only 1 achievement to earn.
the quest itself doesn't track valor, the quest tracks whether you have the achievement or not

look at the achievement to see your total, im at a little over 2k so there's no way its not counting everything

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