Rdruid LF serious 2's/3's

Title Says it all. 11 Mal w/ T1 Rdruid Looking to get serious in 2's and 3's. Must have similar gear and be 1800+ min.

About Me:
Healing as a Druid and Shaman Since WoTLK.
Earned 1811 as WLD on Medivh as a resto shaman first month into Cata season before I had to leave on deployment...could of went higher had I not left for 6mo but oh well. (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/medivh/Engelvongott/simple)
Former top 10 Gladiator on Aion(pvp intense MMORPG) (character name: Alpha http://na.aiononline.com/myaion-character-detail?charId=8578&serverId=66)
20 years gaming experience.

This Expansion Im looking to push my boundaries in this game and get 2.2k+ in Arenas and Rbgs. My end goal however is to earn the gladiator title and achieve a top 10 ranking. Ive spent AT LEAST 500+ hrs researching and improving my gamelplay as a Restoration Druid. Dedicated, competitive and competent, I spare nothing when it comes to mastering a task...but actions speak louder than words do they not?

Comps Im looking to run:

I expect you to put as much time and effort as I do into the perfecting your gameplay and synergy(which means you don't rage quit team when we lose like a little child. Championships take hard work and incredible discipline). I am available 8-12+ hrs a day as I am currently a student and disabled veteran so free time is all I have. I am looking for those similar to myself or higher in seek of a skilled druid. Send an In game mail to ìky (the alt code for the "I" is 1165) in regards to any questions and/or trolls.
Going to go ahead and Bump this. Still looking.

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