(A) Mage, LFR 90

Hey guys, my name is Phil. I'm a mage looking for a raid team. Basically I'm looking for a group that's doing around 3 raids a night. I dont want to transfer because i have friends here. I'm pretty much looking for a laid back guild, not really looking for hardcore progression either. My last guild I was in got to 6/8H in DS before I quit, they ended up getting 8/8. So that should show about what level of raiding I'm used to. I just started back now in MoP, from the SoR. I have done MSV a few times on LFR, but havent been able to find a team to do normals, so that what I'm looking for. basically a start. I don't mind joining some of these othe alt teams I see on the forums because they could teach me a few things in mop, and maybe I can show them a few things to :p.

ok well anyways if anyone reading this is interested in chatting with me, PST in game. Also I have evnt and addons and all that junk.

Hi Philbur,

Not sure what 3 raids a night means. But we have a need for a mage on our newly forming Tues/Thurs raid team. It will run from 6-8 pm server time. We are really big on helping each other become better raiders, and learning together when raiding. We are not hard core and we have a great group of friendly guildies who enjoy the game for different reasons: questing, leveling, pvp, pet battles, achievements and some just to caht. You can check us out and apply if interested at strangelyironic.freeforums.org

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