Over nerf on herbing

Why not just give any one who gathers over 3 hrs a day a diminishing return on herbing and mining where they cant see the nodes after the three hours. That would be alot better than current herbing situation.

I have 3 scribes yes I have alot of gold but I do not bot. This nerf will not hurt the bots they will always be here and you know this blizzard what you all have done is hurt the player base.

I should not have to herb an entire zone to make cards. I use to be able to spend 1 1/2 hrs herbing to get all i needed for flask and cards every day i am not spending about 3 hrs to get all i need this is unacceptable.

What i meen about diminishing return would be they would be phases from seeing any nodes or any way to interact with the nodes on the whole account
There are several threads about this in General.

If you wish to leave feedback/suggestions to the devs, I'd suggest you make a constructive post to the General forums. There are no developers on this forum, nor are there SFAs (Support Forum Agents) that can pass on information to the dev team.
What does having 3 scribes have to do with herbalism? You should be buying all of your herbs from the AH, not wasting your time farming them...especially post-nerf.

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