[H] Single white panda seeks...

I am a caring healer seeking a 9 others for long walks through dark halls receiving my glowing green care. I am not opposed to doing some tender furry fisting when the situation requires. Turn ons include large meaty tanks being beaten by large grotesques. Turn offs include people standing in fire and fights over purple baubles.

In all seriousness, I have been in raiding guilds from the end of Vanilla through Wrath. I took a break for Cataclysm and I am coming back for this expansion. I have a few other toons sitting at 85 that could be leveled up as well. I primarily enjoy healing but have done both dps and tank roles in the past. I show up on time with flasks and food and have a reading comprehension level that allows me to know the fights before going in.

I am primarily looking for a casual guild that raids a couple nights during the week. Drama free and mature with a good sense of humor pretty concisely describes my ideal guild. I prefer 10 mans having slogged through 25s and 40s in the past. I am mostly looking for a group of people who really enjoy raiding together and can do it well rather than a group with laser site focus on getting through as quickly as they can. That being said, hard modes are challenging and fun and I'd like a group who has their stuff together to do these as well.

TL; DR... Experienced healer willing to fill other roles looking for casual, competent, fun and mature 10 man guild for 2 night a week raiding. If any of this sounds slightly enticing just let me know!
You should get at me in game if you're still around.

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