Potion of luck + party = profit???

Me and a friend like to farm mobs for stuff, and for the moment we are only 1 of us poping a potion, id like to know if we each drink one does that increase the drop rate, or does it just give both of us access to the same loot table for them?
while i dont know for sure, i highly doubt it.

also i noticed the rolls pop up for the treasure chests but have you tested to see if the person without them can actually kill something and have one drop?
i gave him a potion to use once my 20 mins was up on mine, and while i can see the chests in the aoe loot table, i cannot loot them. Theres no honest way to tell if the mobs loot table was his or mine that dropped the plundered chest.
I tested this in Cata and was pretty sure it didn't increase the drop rate for the treasure chests.

Somewhat disappointing - you have 2+ ppl take the potion, you should get 2+ the effect.

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