Inscription or alchemy for my shadow priest?

Ok so I can't decide having herb and inscription or herb and alchemy, which makes the most money (in general(I'm on Kil'jeaden))? And which is the easiest/fastest/cheapest to level my biggest problem with inscription is that how will I know what glyphs to make if any? Please help, and if possible include you way to make money using the profession, thanks :D
To make the most gold? It may be different on your server, but I'd suggest going alchemy/inscription and dropping herbalism. A crafting profession can make more gold by buying herbs and making things out of them in the same time you could go out flying and pick herbs. You might be able to pick 200g worth of herbs in an hour, while a crafter can log in, buy some Lotus and a few stacks of herbs, make a few flasks and sell them for 200g more than they bought the mats for in 30 minutes.

For Inscription you'll want an AH addon that lets you search for all glyphs and find out which ones are selling for the most. Generally this will be the ones you learn from research, not from the trainer. Most of the money in Inscription right now is from Darkmoon Fair trinkets anyway.
K well I decided to go with alchemy and try inscription when I actually have money, I only have 300g now it's pathetic lol, I need to gem my gear, and enchant.

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