Looking for some loot/chat addons.

UI and Macro
I have a few things I'm looking for that I can't seem to find anywhere. Hopefully someone here can help me. :>

There's a couple of addons I had about a year or so ago, and since I've come back to WoW, I've found that they're out of date and don't work anymore. I was previously using HFLootRoll to skin my loot frames, but it no longer works so I'm looking for a replacement that can be easily customized to look compact/minimalistic. I would also really like something that automatically rolls greed/disenchant on greens, but I'm not sure if that was part of HFLootRoll or something separate.

There was another addon I had that was basically a spam chat filter, but I can't remember what it was called. It disabled things like zeppelin spam in Org, system text telling me people are drunk, group members crafting, etc. The options for it had a ton of stuff I could check to have disabled.

If anyone could help me find these things, I would be eternally grateful! :>
Apparently the 3 from Elemental Blast all have same spellID and name so can't distinguish between them.

For loot mods

For fire elemental stuff I think you'd have to watch the combat log for event when the pet dies/is dismissed. Not sure MSBT has custom triggers for that. Something like WeakAuras or ThatJustHappened can do it.
Thanks for the help! :>

That's really disappointing; I can't understand why they would make them all the same spell ID. Do you happen to know if Windsong is the same way?

I have a similar custom trigger on my Mage for when my Invocation buff has faded so that I know exactly when to Evocate. I thought that I could make something similar for my Shaman with my fire elemental because its duration shows up as a buff. I just couldn't find the spell ID for anything other than the spell itself. :<
Windsong gets 3 separate IDs. From Wowhead:

104423 is the related haste buff.
104510 is the related mastery buff.
104509 is the related crit buff.
That's weird. Why would Windsong get three separate IDs, but Elemental Blast doesn't? Sometimes it's easy to tell which one I got, but it would still be nice to see it without having to stop and find the buff to mouse over it. :/

Oh well. Still looking for the spam chat filter and auto greed/DE on greens addons. :>
12/03/2012 05:40 PMPosted by Sellestria
Why would Windsong get three separate IDs, but Elemental Blast doesn't?

Short answer: because Shamans.
Long answer: nobody really knows.

As for the looting, I haven't tried it but http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/pass-loot seems promising.
Updated the original post.

I tried Pass Loot and it's a bit more than I wanted, so I'm still looking for something simple that automatically rolls greed/DE on greens.

I'm also still looking for the spam filter addon, and I looked at Vranx but didn't really like any of the loot addons. teksLoot is essentially what I want, but I'm looking for something with an in game interface so that I can customize it to match the rest of my UI. :>
would be like teksloot but I've seen it skinned before so there may be a few skins floating around.

For simpler than PassLoot (in size) but still with lots of options
For even simpler

For spam filters BadBoy is the standard for filtering gold spam, guild spam, low lvl spam, annoying (anal/thunderfury and so on) spam.
For disabling NPC spam, try
For disabling drunk/duel spam:
Thank you, Sedivy; You are my hero.

BadBoy was the chat addon I was using before, and I'd completely forgotten what it was called. Definitely downloading it now that I've found out what it was called!

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